Higher secondary Prose Suggestion 2023

Suggestion of English prose ( Higher Secondary 2023)

The Eyes Have It

1)Then I made a mistake.” – What mistake did the speaker make? Why was it a mistake? What removed the speaker’s doubts? What did the speaker do then? [1+2+1+2 = 6]

2)“She would forget our brief encounter.” – Who said this about whom? What is the ‘brief encounter’ referred to here? Why did the speaker think so? [2+2+2 = 6]

3)“She was an interesting girl.” – Who said this, to whom, and when? What else did the person say? What reply did he get? [ 3+1+2  = 6

4) “Yes this is the best time.” – Who said this and to whom? What was the occasion of the remark? Why according to the narrator is the best time? [ 1+2+3 = 6]

Three Questions

1.How was the wounded man received and nursed ? Why did he ask forgiveness of the Tsar? What did the Tsar do when he had gained the man for a friend?

2.Why did the bearded man become an enemy of the Tsar? What did the man swear and resolve to do? Why he ask forgiveness of the Tsar and what did he Promise him? ( 3

3.You have been already answered

Who said this to whom ?when did the speaker say so ?How was the listener answered?

4.What were the three questions the Tsar wanted to be answered?  Why did he need the answers?Why was he dissatisfied with the answers given by the scholars and learned man?

Strong Roots

1)  I have endeavoured to understand the fundamental truth revealed to me by my father.” – Who was the son? Who was the father? What was the fundamental truth revealed to the son?

2..Our locality was predominantly Muslim’ – Who is the speaker? How does the speaker describe the locality? What picture of communal harmony do you find in the description? [1+3+2 = 6]

3.The people of different religions would be sitting outside waiting for him’ – Who is referred to as ‘him’? Where did the people wait? Why did they wait there? What would happen thereafter?[1+1+2+2 = 6]

4.What remained the routine for Abdul Kalam’s father even when he was in his late sixties? What does Abdul Kalam say about his emulation of his father? [3+3 = 6]

5.What did Kalam’s father tell him about the relevance of prayer?.


1.. eat some more son-
who insisted whom to eat some more? what was offered to eat? what conversation took place between the two person’s during the meal? what character is revealed in this time?

2. You ought to be my son. I would teach you right from wrong’-who speaks to whom? How did the speaker transform the person spoken to here ??Give reason for your answer.

3)“You gonna take me to jail?” – Who asked this question and to whom? When did the speaker ask this question? What reply did the speaker get?  [2+3+1 = 6]   

4)And he did not want to be mistrusted now . ” – Why did not Roger want to be mistrusted , though he could have easily fled from the home of Mrs Jones

OrWhy did the boy in ‘ Thank You Ma’am ‘ not run away though he found the door open ?





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