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Career Counselling program in ……school


24th March 2022

A career counseling program was organized by “Bangla wala ” to aid pupils in understanding the various vocations. An esteemed Kolkata-based career counseling company came to our school’s auditorium on March 24 to talk about a variety of career options, including media management, culinary technology, biometric sciences, and nanotechnology.

The program had been created mainly for 12th-grade students. Initially, our school counselor talked about the values of various fields. The counselor that is primarily’ talked to your pupils about various fields and inquired about their particular passions and alternatives in picking subjects for course 12th. He detailed the future of various industries and subjects covered in university under different industries for the pupils.

He had conversations which are one-on-one the pupils, and then he tried to comprehend and solve their particular problems. We had been given two kinds to fill in during the final end associated with the system: a feedback form and our information forms. The forms were completed by the learning students and switched to the therapist. The session ended at 3 p.m. We found a great deal in regard to the streams which can be various their values. We thanked the guest for their guidance which is helpful to students. March 2020



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