cleaning drive program in the school -report for h.s madhyamik

Write a short  Report on  Cleanliness Drive or Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan

Cleanliness Drive Program in the School

A REPORT [Swachh Bharat abhiyan]


In our area, ABC School organized a cleaning drive yesterday. The school’s whole staff and students participated in the cleaning campaign. Brooms, buckets, and spades were all brought by the pupils. Any waste they came across was quickly removed. They cleaned the filthy areas with bleaching powder. The regions that had been flooded were also cleaned. In the cleaning process, the teachers also extended their hands. Starting at nine in the morning and concluding at roughly five in the evening, the labor took place for about eight hours.

The entire region now has a fresh visual appeal. A short lunch break of around an hour was taken. The project covered the whole neighborhood, which had come under fire for its reckless plastic wrapper disposal. On the very day of the program, the students and teachers held a morning rally in the nearby communities with banners, festoons, and slogans urging people to use toilets, drink only safe water and maintain good health and hygiene. It is encouraging to see the school take action in this regard.

The government and the entire people have praised and appreciated such an initiative. It helped the Municipality realize how careless it had been with its responsibilities over the preceding few months. It was a truly remarkable experience. The Cleaning Drive campaign caused great concern among the locals and guardians. The session concluded with an oath to improve ourselves for the betterment of the entire country


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