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Why does Shelley refer to the skylark as a spirit rather tha a bird?

Since the skylark soars high into the sky and is totally invisible to the poet, Shelley refers to it as a spirit rather than a bird. Moreover, the poet is so enthralled by the bird’s song that he believes it to be a spiritless embodiment of joy.

What does “unbodied joy” mean?

Answer: It refers to a joyful spirit that has left its mortal body and is now a bodyless spirit.

What makes the skylark “an unbodied joy”?

Answer: A joyful soul that has left its mortal body is what is meant by “an unbodied joy.” The skylark is linked to “an unbodied joy” because, like “an unbodied spirit, it is a joyful soul that soars from earth and goes to heaven.

How is a poet compared to the skylark?

a poet in general. Continues creating poems as long as he keeps himself away from everyday issues and remains deeply thoughtful. He is mostly certain that the world does not value him, and nothing on this earth can change that. However, a circumstance does arise where he is finally respected by all. Similar to how the skylark, while flying through the air, continues to produce lovely music for the enjoyment of ordinary people. According to Shelley, a skylark is most likely a poet because it is impossible for one of these birds to sing nonstop without engaging in deep contemplation like a poet.

Why has  the skylark been compared to a star of Heaven?

Answer: During the day, a star in the sky is invisible. Similar to the way the skylark disappears as it soars higher and higher Thus, the skylark is compared to a star visible in the sky during the day.

Why is the moonlight compared to the voice of the skylark?

Ans: The skylark fills both the land and the sky with its song, just as the moon fills both with its gentle light. So the moonlight is compared to the skylark’s melody.

What does “a poet hidden” mean?

The reason a poet is hidden from mankind is because his world is a private one filled with fantasies and thoughts. People are unable to comprehend his message to humanity because it is so new.

What does “love-laden soul” mean?

Answer: It refers to a heart that is aching with love.

The love-laden damsel sings because of what?

Ans: By giving voice to her intense love passion, she sings to heal her love-stricken soul.

Why is the maiden’s melody compared to the song of the skylark?

The answer is that although the girl is hidden behind a tower and cannot be seen, people outside can hear her singing. Similar to the skylark, we can hear the skylark’s singing as it rises higher and higher in the sky.

Explain the comparison between skylarks and roses.

The rose hidden in the green leaves spreads its fragrance and gives it an identity. The skylark hidden in the clouds spreads the melody of ecstasy.

Why is the “Warm Wind” called the Great Thief of Wings in the poem To the Skylark?

To The wind that steals the scent of roses is a thief. The wind that has robbed the scent of roses is full of the

Explain the term Chorus hymeneal or Victory Song.

“Chorus hymeneal” means wedding song and is so named because Hymen is the Greek god of marriage. A triumphal song is a song that praises victory. Poets have said that if you compare marriage or victory songs with skylark songs, these songs will seem idle and absurd . In fact, skylark songs are much better than marriage songs and victory songs.

How is the   skylark compared to glow worm?

Answer: Fireflies or glow worms hide in grass and foliage, but their presence is detected by the light scattered around them. Similarly, skylark is invisible in the upper realms, but its presence can be felt through the sweet music emanating from them.

Why does Shelly call the Skylark an earthly despise?

Answer: Shelly calls Skylark the Scorn of the Earth. Because she flies high and despises the land and the mundane life.

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Why does the poem “To the Skylark” refer to moonlight as an arrow?

Diana, who is also known as the goddess of the hunt, is the traditional moon goddess. The moon’s rays are consequently represented as arrows.

How the skylark and a rainbow cloud are similar?

With the light behind them, raindrops from colorful clouds are sparkling incredibly bright. However, the sound of birds singing is more bright.

Why is the “warm wind” in the poem To the Skylark referred to as the winged thief?

The wind is a robber because it takes the fragrance of roses. The roses are surrounded by a beautiful rose fragrance after the wind has removed the scent of the blooms.

How is  skylark and fire fly or glow worm compared?

The skylark concealed in the clouds spreads the music with delight, just as the fireflies concealed behind the flowers and grass do.

. Explain how skylarks and roses ares similar

. To The skylark hidden in the clouds spreads a joyous melody, just as the rose concealed in the green leaves spreads its smell and gives it identification.

the scorner of the ground”-Why is the skylark called

A skylark is naturally invisible in the surrounds of the earthly field, despite the fact that it is born here. It resides in the sky for the majority of the time. It hardly touches the surface of the planet. Although it’s an earthly being, it sings heavenly tunes and is unaffected by earthly afflictions like tiredness, fever, worry, and dullness. Once more, it is aware of the key to both life and death. The skylark is referred to as the scorner of the ground since it has a strong connection for heaven and little connection to earth.

The saddest songs we write are the ones that express the deepest emotions.

Ans. The sea of sadness surrounds human life by nature. There is no way out of this place. We constantly desire for the best, but in vain. Our hearts often have a natural urge to perceive life tragically since we are subject to the laws of death. In the sea of problems, the majority of us are suffocating. We have tried everything to break rid of it, but in vain. Sweetest tunes are really uncommon. There are just two songs available: marriage and victory. The saddest thoughts therefore obscure the finest songs. So, if someone requests a sweet song, he begins singing a terrible song in an attempt to fill the silence.

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