The Monkey’s Paw – Questions Answers Notes Icse class 8

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1.Who was the monkey’s paw’s second owner?

The second occupant of the monkey’s paw was Sergeant Major Morris, the answer. He had personally witnessed how the monkey’s paw had carried out his intentions, and he had also witnessed the first owner’s awful ending.
2.What made the monkey’s paw special?

The monkey’s paw is a representation of want and desire, of having the power to get anything one’s heart desires. Even the unselfish who have everything they need and no desire are drawn to the paw by its power.
3. What was the second wish of Mr. White?

Mrs. White desires that the monkey’s paw grant another wish. Her son’s return from death is the second thing she wishes for.

4. What was the third wish of Mr. White?

What is the third desire in The Monkey’s Paw, and what are its effects? He wanted his son to die once more, and as a result, the mother spotted him and was upset.

5.Mr. White gets the paw in what way?

Sergeant-Major Morris, a visitor to the family, gives White the monkey’s paw. The sergeant-major is discussing the monkey’s paw suddenly he throws the paw into the fire, and despite the sergeant-cautions, major’s Mr. White retrieves it.

6. What was in the fire that Herbert noticed?

Herbert notices a strikingly lifelike monkey face in the flames after Mr. and Mrs. White have gone to bed while he is sitting by the fire. He extinguishes the fire, takes the paw from the monkey, and retires to bed.

7. Who are Meggins and Maw?

The business that owns the factory where Herbert works is called Maw and Meggins. We never go to this location, and we are never made aware of Herbert’s position or the specifics of what is done there. We are unable to determine if Herbert’s death was brought on by his own negligence, dangerous surroundings, or some other factor.

8. What resulted from the initial wish?

The (consequence) outcome of the first request is that Herbert passes away, but the parents receive the money. He is “caught in the machinery” at work and has an accident, which results in his death. They receive the payment as compensation from a man from their place of employment.

9. What made the paw unique?

The monkey’s paw is unique in that it may grant three wishes while simultaneously cursing the person who made them. The narrative teaches us that nobody has the power to alter life’s events.

10.Why is it initially difficult for Mr. White to make a wish on the monkey’s paw? What does he ultimately wish for?

He claims he is at a loss for what to wish for because he already has all he needs. But instead of appreciating what he already has, he follows his son’s advice and makes a wish for money ($200).

11.How do Morris’s parents respond to his paw?

Ans. Herbert’s parents like Mr. Morris’ jokes and he frequently paid them a visit. One day, Mr. White awaited Mr. Morris’s arrival with anxiety. At the same time, Mr. White was lamenting how difficult it would be for his friend to go to their house because it was so far away.

12.Why did the “fakir” cast a spell using magic on the paw?

Ans. Morris explains to Mr. White that an Indian fakir had placed a magic spell on the monkey’s paw while displaying it to him. The fakir sought to demonstrate that only fate controls the universe. In this universe, everything happens at the whim of fate. The end result cannot be altered.

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