Icse Poem Lochinvar by Walter Scott -Questions Answers

Questions Answers Lochinvar

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1.Lochinvar: Who was he? He rode to Netherby Hall for what reason?

A brave young knight named Lochinvar fell in love with Ellen. At Netherby Lobby, Ellen was getting married to someone else. To secure her as his own, Lochinvar entered the hall.

2.What characteristics of Lochinvar are emphasised in the opening stanza?

Given that he arrived unarmed other than his broadsword and alone, it is clear that Lochinvar was confident. He was devoted to his love, therefore he went to whatever lengths—even to the point of death—to protect his lover.

3.Finally, where does Lochinvar take flight?

By the time he arrived, what had happened?
He got out at the entrance to Netherby. By the time he arrived, Ellen, the bride, had agreed to marry another fellow who was a coward in battle and a slow learner when it came to love.

4.In stanza two, what characteristics of the bridegroom are listed?

The groom was a “dastard in war,” or cowardly, and hardly any competition for Lochinvar’s bravery. He was a “laggard in love,” so shy that he couldn’t even tell Ellen how much he loved her.

5..He staid not for brake, and he stopp’d not for stone,

He swam the Eske river where ford there was none;

Lochinvar rode the horse passionately to meet Ellen. What actions in lines 7 and 8 reveal his hurried movements?

The lines, “He stayed not for brake, and he stopped not for stone. He swam the Esk river where ford there was none” reveals his hurried movements.

6.What response did Lochinvar give to the groom-to-be?

Lochinvar retorted that he had courted Ellen for a long time but had been rejected when he approached Ellen’s father for permission to wed her. However, Lochinvar had come to dance the last dance with her and share one cup of wine with him because of his past love for her.

8.What aspect of love does Lochinvar emphasise when he says, “Love ebbs and flows like the Solway.such as its tide.”


Lochinvar wants to claim that he once had feelings for Ellen but stopped after being refused permission to wed her.

9. What other lies does Lochinvar tell Ellen’s father?

=Lochinvar claims that his only purpose for coming there was to share a glass of wine with her and dance for the sake of their previous relationship. He also claims that there are many other Scottish women who are more attractive than Ellen and would be happy to be his better half.


10. How did Ellen express her love for Lochinvar?

Ellen kissed the wine cup as she picked it up. Lochinvar went. She glanced down, flushed and admiring the sight gleefully all the rage, with a tear in her eye, when he tanked the wine and threw the cup to the ground.

11. What was the impression of the bride maidens about the pair- Lochinvar, and Ellen?

The lady ladies mused that it would have been significantly better if their sensible cousin had been paired with young Lochinvar after watching Lochinvar and Ellen dance together deftly.


12.Write the feelings of the people present in the Netherby Hall.

Ellen’s mother worried and her dad raged at the sight of Lochinvar dancing with Ellen. The groom was standing there with his plume and bonnet hanging. The bridesmaids also hinted that the young, brave Lochinvar would make a better match for Ellen.

13. How did Lochinvar act in the passage above?
Lochinvar gulped down the wine and hurled the cup to the ground. Ellen was overcome by feelings. She was flushing and had a smile on her lips. She was asked to dance by Lochinvar before her mother could intervene.

14. What strategy did Lochinvar carry out?

Lochinvar speaks softly in Ellen’s ear. A horse was standing at the hall door, ready to receive them. Ellen was thrown upon the horse, and he rode off with her. Young Lochinvar was aware that their kinmen and horses would follow them.

15. How did Lochinvar ultimately convince Ellen to join him?

Lochinvar let Ellen’s father know that he had attended the wedding in peace. He grabbed Ellen by the hand and began to walk before anyone could stop him. He attributed this to the fact that his warhorse had stopped near the entrance to look at her.

He spoke something to her in the doorway before leaving with Ellen in such rapid pace that the Netherby party’s comrades were unable to catch up with them. Finally, Lochinvar worked out how to woo Ellen into being his lady of the hour.

16.Ellen’s father kept his hand on his sword, but why?

With the thinking that the bride’s father would wish to kill him if Lochinvar had claimed to have come to kidnap the bride, he puts his hand on his sword.

17.Whydid the groom  remain silent throughout the ceremony?

He was a coward because he was too shy to approach Lochinvar.

18.Which of the following makes Ellen smile?

Ellen smiles as she recognises Lochinvar, for whom she had lost all hope.

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