A Taxi Driver Returned Valuables #A Report writing

 Taxi Driver Returned Valuables

Mumbai,23rdJune;The 32-year-old taxi driver gave it back to the original owner and acquired pleasure in its place. He claims that his conscience and his father’s lessons about honesty are more important than his necessities.

Vikram visited a police station last week at Mumbai’s domestic railway to return up a bag that a passenger had left in his car earlier that day. It contained a macbook, an ipad, a projector, and jewelery, which astonished the on-duty policeman.
Even though Vikram claimed to know what was inside the bag, he chose to give it back to its rightful owner. Later, the police discovered that Sandra Devi, a resident of Kerala’s neighbourhood, was the owner of the bag. The bag was returned to her the same day.

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