WBCHSE Important Report Writing for HS 2023

WBCHSE Important Report Writing for HS

Write a report on the celebration of Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhiyan at your school.

ABC School,Dinhata participates in the Nirmal Vidyalay Abhiyan , April 7, 2018: The Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhiyan or the School. Hygiene Week was duly observed by the students of ABC School. This has been a regular feature of the yearly extra-curricular programme of all schools run by the Education Department under the Govt. of West Bengal. Our school is also no exception. The programme has been a timely initiative of the State Sarva Siksha Mission. It is aimed at spreading awareness among the school children about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene.

As a part of the week long programme, all the students of our school were encouraged and made to wash their hand properly with soap before taking the mid-day meal every day under the guidance of a teacher. The students of every class undertook the task of keeping their respective classroom and the adjoining areas clean. They were also encouraged not to litter the areas near the source of the drinking water tap. As a part of the programme, the students of Class-V to VIII also planted trees in the tubs, participated in the ‘Sit & Draw’ competition on the related theme, and attended the special assembly everyday and sang the theme song of the programme in chorus.The Headmaster delivered a mindblowing speech on the importance of such a program at the ending section of the program after the distribution of the certificates to the volunteers and the participants of the program.


Write a report on the celebration of Teacher’s Day in your school.

Ans. Students of ABC School celebrates Teacher’s Day on 5th September.
Like every year the Teacher’s Day was celebrated this year too with the usual enthusiasm, fanfare and dignity by the students of ABC school today. To the students, it is not merely the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great scholar, a beloved teacher and the second President of India. For them it is much more than that. For them it is an occasion to pay their respect, reverence and shower love for their beloved teachers. And the students of the ABC school did just that.

The school auditorium was tastefully decorated with flowers, balloons and festoons bearing ‘Happy Teachers Day’ wishes. All the teachers and the Headmistress were then given a resounding welcome by the students present. They were all led by the students with due decorum and took their seat on the stage. A huge portrait of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan also graced the stage in one corner. An inaugural song ‘……….'” was sung by a group of students in chorus.

It was followed by lighting of a sacred lamp and garlanding of the portrait of Dr. Radhakrishnan by the Headmaster. The AHM and a few other senior teachers assisted her. Then each and every teacher present, including the Headmistress, was offered floral bouquets and mementos by the students to the thunderous applause of the audience. Then the Headmister addressed the gathering. In her speech she emphasized the need to strengthen the bond between the teachers and the students. It was followed by a thanksgiving speech by a students’ representative. After that a cultural programme was held by the students of various classes in honour of their beloved teachers.

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