Child labor has existed since the dawn of humanity. Why should such an example of humiliation and degradation to the human soul exist in civilized countries where people now brag about their freedom of conscience and speech? Working fourteen hours a day, the child laborer earns his living. He doesn’t even have enough food to eat. Unskilled laborers claim they do not have a set pay, but they are subjected to horrible oppression. For the smallest charge, you must endure being kicked and flogged. In the world’s civilized culture, there is no time to keep track of these child laborers’ tears. In today’s world, the cries of these thousands of youngsters, as well as their sticky tears, are unmistakable.
In numerous factories and families, the number of child employees under the age of 10 is likewise low. The number of workers in the clothing sector has recently decreased to nearly zero due to international pressure. However, hotels and restaurants employ a considerable number of kid laborers. They work in fireworks, matches, and glass and bead companies in addition to farming. Child laborers are forced to participate in mafia plots in the ports area. They are also robbed on a regular basis. By exploiting begging, etc., a class of anti-social individuals makes a lot of money. A considerable number of children are kidnapped and brought to other nations, especially neighboring countries, where they are abused physically and emotionally for this reason.
Factors of social and economic importance: In our country, nearly 80% of the population lives in poverty. They compel their children to apply for child labor scholarships in order to get out of poverty. Furthermore, as a result of population expansion and equitable distribution, the problem of child labor is growing more complex. This problem is mostly caused by political unrest, sectarianism, the fragmentation of refugee life, and the violent behavior of happy parents. One of the main causes of this difficulty is the size of the family. The children’s livelihood cannot be sustained without the assistance of the family in a relationship with many children, and as a result, the problem continues to expand.

“Despite the fact that a law against the abuse of children and women is in place, this problem has remained unsolved. In reality, the law will not be able to fix the problem. Without good education and poverty alleviation, problems cannot be solved. In the same way that the government is responsible for the rehabilitation of child laborers, social welfare organizations must take the lead.

‘Child work is mostly a curse for our nation,’ according to an expert. Poverty is the primary cause of child labor. This is due to the tremendous poverty in one region of the country. More legislation to end child labor is being explored.

Children are being abused in the homes of the rich. In all these houses, the animal spirit punishes the housewife or the householder inhumanely for the petty crime of those who work as maids. Almost every day such atrocities are being reported in the newspapers. Body and mind are thrilled to read the story of the inhuman treatment of children (workers) by rich housewives. They do not consider helpless children to be human children. It is very important to protect children from them. In addition, child laborers are being tortured in various establishments including factories. It is very important to end it. Otherwise, the world standard will be misled.

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