Are you plastic carry bags conscious? an essay

plastic carry bags and our consciousness

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Plastic is common in today’s society. Plastic has become an indispensable part of contemporary life. Things had to be transported once upon a time. Paper, jute, and paper packets were all used. These were safe for the environment. We utilize thousands of things made of plastic, not just carry bags, and it would seamlessly blend in with ecology and cause no harmful effects to the environment if used with caution. After a night’s sleep, we wash our faces with plastic brushes, bottles of water, and plastic boats. Numerous students come plastic tiffin containers to school for lunch; many domestic objects, starting with the couture -. Plastics technology can be seen in mobile phones, laptops, home kitchens, and music systems. These coverings and cabinets are made out of plastic. Even our writing pens are mostly composed of plastic. Items made of plastic are less expensive and endure longer.

Different types of plastic contamination

The environment has suffered significant damage. Plastic is the most harmful substance to the environment. The soil where the plastics were deposited becomes tainted when they are used. As a result, no tree can live in that ground.
Plastic bags are commonly used once and then abandoned on the street. They will be categorized as junk when the time comes. Then there’s the roadside plastic, which causes illness and death in cows, goats, and sheep. Rainwater washes away all of this trash into rivers and oceans. The environment as a result is polluted.

The natural balance is disrupted by plastics.

On the ocean floor, plastic has resulted in diverse biodiversity. It also harms living things. Plastic pollution is causing concern among people all around the world. We will face a host of severe threats in the future if nothing is done today.

Plastic pollution is a major problem that can be addressed if we take the following steps.

Limit the use of plastic

– According to studies, plastics with a thickness of fewer than 5 microns are more harmful to the environment. As a result, carrying bags made of less dense plastic must be prohibited. Plastic usage should be limited in general. To create plastics and use plastic products, we need to enact legislation.
Alternatives – Plastics have become ingrained in our daily lives. We need to come up with a better solution. Paper packets or jute bags, for example, should be readily available on the market as an alternative to plastic carry bags.

Used or plastic recycling

Plastic pollution can be significantly decreased by taking safeguards. Plastic was made from a variety of polymers. Recycling can be used to produce things that are required. This project incorporates both public and private efforts. With the support of qualified women from other groups, self-employment can be arranged.
Most importantly, to protect human civilization from the unavoidable consequences of plastic pollution.
It is necessary to raise public awareness. Even if various governments and non-government organizations create laws, there will be no benefit unless people’s minds are awakened.


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