A paragraph on a journey by TRAIN/BUS/ BOAT /PLANE

paragraph on a journey by TRAIN/BUS/ BOAT /PLANE

It is really a delight for me to travel. We feel rejuvenated and rested after a journey. It is an element of the educational process. It brings joy to a person’s heart. To us, traveling by train is a lot of fun. Occasion: It had been a heavenly day. My academy was closed at the time.

……….. is where my uncle resides……….. invited me to come to Kolkata for a trip. I gratefully got the opportunity.

Description: I took a trip by a few days ago. From …….to …….., it was a long trip. It was a pleasant

experience. The weather was pleasant. There was no cloud in the sky. I got myself ready for the trip. My companions and I arrived at the location. We reserved a ……and purchased tickets the day before. Passengers in automobiles and other vehicles were arriving at the location. It was a really hectic period at the time. I boarded the train/, bus, plane, or boat.

Other passengers sat down as well. The train/, bus/plane, or boat began running after half an hour. The train/bus/plane/boat/boat speed  gradually rose. It left a trail of green fields and other things in its wake. When I went outdoors, I was struck by the wonders of nature. I noticed several clouds on the horizon. It enchanted me greatly. In the bus, train, plane, or boat, passengers talked about numerous topics. Some of the participants were reading newspapers and magazines. —-


The railway /bus had finally arrived at its destination. My voyage came to an end as I got down. Conclusion: I had a great time on the journey. It was one of my favorite days of my life. I will never forget it. It will always be memorable. I desire  I could go on another trip like this.

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