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Train to pretoria

Questions Answers Train To Pretoria

1.Who is Mr Paul? With whom Gandhi made him acquaintance?
Ans;Mr Paul was he Court Interpreter and a Roman Catholic.

Gandhiji made his acquaintance with Mr. Subhan Godfrey, a teacher under the Protestant Mission, and father of James Godfery, who, as a member of the South African Deputation, visited India in 1924.

2. Who received the letter? What was written in the letter?

Ans: Farm received the letter. In the letter, the lawyer asked to make preparations for the case to Abdulla Sheth by arriving in Pretoria himself or by sending a representative.

3.” He thereupon asked his clerks to explain the case to me.”
Who is he here? What was the case about?

Ans; Here ‘he’ is Abdulla Seth here.
The case was about accounts.

4. Where did the speaker go when he stayed at Zanzibar?

Ans; During his staying at Zanzibar, Gandhiji went to the court to see the work there.

5. What did the speaker notice at Zanzibar court?

Ans; Gabdhiji noticed a Parsi lawyer was examining a witness and asking him questions regarding credit and debit entries in account books.

6. What did Gandhi say about account keeping?

Ans; Gandhi was totally ignorant about account keeping as he did not learn this subject during his college course at England. So all term of accounts appears obscure to him.

7. What is a P note? What did the speaker do to learn p note?

Ans; P note means promissory note. The term was totally unknown to the speaker. He tied to find the meaning in the dictionary but failed to find meaning.

8. Why was Abdulla Sheth concerned about Gandhi’s loading?

Ans; The opponent of his case had great influence in Pretoria, they may manage to read our private correspondence anyhow due to Gandhi’s improper loading. So, Abdulla Sheth was concerned about Gandhi’s loading.

9. How did Gandhiji make Abdulla Seth free from his anxiety about Gabdhiji’s loading?

Ans; Gandhiji satisfied Abdulla Seth by saying that he would not disclose anyone about their private correspondence. He also consoled Abdulla Seth that he would try to settle the case out of court as Tyeb Sheth was a relative of theirs.

10.”I thanked him and asked him not to be anxious.”
Who said this to him? Why did the speaker ask the listener not to be anxious?

Ans; Gandhiji said this to Abdulla Seth.
A first-class seat was booked for Gandhiji to go to Pretoria. It was usual there to pay five shillings extra if one needed bedding. Abdulla Sheth insisted that Gandhiji should book one bedding but, out of obstinacy and pride and with a view to saving five shillings, Gandhiji declined to do so. Abdulla Sheth warned that South Africa was a different country from India. He might face many difficulties. so he should not stint himself from any necessary thing. Hearing this, Gandhi ji advised Abdulla not to be anxious.

11. Yes, you may. I refuse to get out voluntarily.’
Who said this? When did the speaker say so?

Ans; Gandhiji said this.
When the train reached Maritzburg, the capital of Natal, at about 9 p.m, a passenger came and saw that Gandhi was a ‘colored’ man. This disturbed him. After some time, the man came with some officials came to him and ordered him to go to the van compartment, leaving the compartment. Gandhiji refused to leave then the official warned Gandhiji to push him out by the constable unless he declines to do so.
Hearing this, Gandhiji quoted the above statement.

  • 12. So I decided to take the next available train to Pretoria.
    Who said this? Why did take this decision?

Ans; Gandhiji said this.
Gandhiji realized that the incident which he had experienced was only a symptom of the deep disease of colour prejudice. He should endure the hardship of that event to uproot it.So he did not return India, rather he took the next train to Pretoria to finish his incomplete duty.






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