An Essay on life of 2040

An Essay on life of 2040


In your fantasizing or reflections, how far into the future have you gone? I just took some time to consider what life will be like in 2040.

So, let me summarize the main points of my reflection.

On behalf of human masters, robots will undertake activities.

Contact lenses could provide us with the dreams we desire by transmitting visual scenes to our brains through our eyes. Google will be able to hunt for intelligent life in distant solar systems and provide data on extraterrestrial information collected to us humans here on Earth. Because all wildlife would have been extinct due to human pollutants, everyone would have to charge for seeing trees and shrubs and holographic animals at the Eco-museum. Rather than recycling, a venture would be created to transport all of our rubbish into space.

Solar energy would be the most powerful source of power. There will be three-dimensional screens in various areas. Everyone will keep their cell phone glued to their front teeth at all times so they can chat to anybody, anywhere, at any time, even while showering or taking a bath. CARs will fly, so having smashed-shingles insurance on your home is a good idea. A collar will be worn by the pet that will indicate whether it is hungry, thirsting, fatigued, or restless. Toys will handle all of the speaking, understanding, and human emotions for children, removing the need for them to learn how to enjoy using the toys. Underwater hotels and aircraft similar to those seen in science fiction films will be a reality.

Humans will become more mechanical, with emotions taking a back seat. Every newborn born in the year 2040 will have storage space for stem cells from the umbilical cord blood, which may be used to make any sort of body cell or organ.
The world’s nations will be affected by global warming. Since the water will be contaminated, the trees will be lost. Because they will lose their habitat (the forest), as well as their food and water, the animals will perish.
On the 23rd of April,2022, I had a vision of the globe in 2040 while lying in my warm bed.
Before I sign out, I’ll recite Gandhiji’s famous lines.


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