the passing away of bapu


What brought the crowds together and why?

Ans: People waited hours in advance to line the route that Gandhiji’s funeral procession would go to pay their final respects to their beloved leader.

What did Padamasi have to say, and who was she?

Mrs. Naidu had a daughter named Padamasi. Padamasi proposed that they walk in Gandhiji’s funeral procession because it would be their last walk with Bapu.

What made the walk so ‘agonizing’?

Ans: The narrator described the trek as “agonizing” because it was the burial procession of Gandhiji, their revered leader who had guided the people of India through many tough journeys. However, he was now lying on an uncovered truck. As a result, the trek was painful.

. How was Gandhiji carried to the funeral place on a regular basis?

= Gandhiji’s body was transported in an open truck with flowers draped over it.

Why did the author find the walk agonizing?

The news of Gandhiji’s death shocked his admirers. It caused the author a great deal of distress. As a result, it was a torturous trek for her.

On the day of the funeral procession, what did the Narrator notice?

The narrator recognized that walking with Bapu, among others, had special importance for her on the day of the funeral procession.

What were Bapu’s thoughts about walking?

Walking, according to Bapu, means making modest progress. It allows us to think clearly and examine everything around us more attentively.

18. What made people stop crying?

People stopped crying because they could sense Gandhiji’s presence among the flowers and music.

What was the narrator’s thought as he walked?

Answer:- At first, the narrator believed she was the only one who noticed Bapu’s absence. She later recognized, however, that she was not simply in the company of bereaved individuals.

What was the only method to open India to the rest of the world?

At the period, walking was the only option available to the common Indian.

What transpired on Gandhiji’s funeral day?

On the day of Gandhiji’s funeral, mourners lined the path, and the funeral procession was scheduled to arrive hours ahead of time. All of Gandhiji’s supporters walked with their Bapu since it was their last walk with him.

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