inside questions answer proposal by Anton chekov

Inside questions answer proposal by Anton Chekov




“We have had the land for nearly three hundred years.” – Who is the person speaking? Who is it that is addressed? What is the meaning of the term “land”? What have you learned about the country as a result of their conversation? 


Ans. Natalya Stepanovna is the speaker in Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal.”

Lomov is the individual who is being spoken to.

The site in question is known as ‘Oxen Meadows.’

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We learned from their talk that Oxen Meadows had been a point of conflict here between Lomovs and the Chobukovs for a long. Between birch trees and Burnt March, the Oxen Meadows were situated. They were worth 300 roubles and came in five different sizes. Natalya and Lomov both asserted ownership of the property. Lomov claims he received the property from his late aunt and her husband. Natalya, on the other hand, asserted that her grandfather and great grandfather had granted the territory all the way to Burnt March.




“If you like, I’ll make you a present of them.” – Who is the person speaking? Who is the person to whom you are speaking? What would the speaker give as a gift? Why did the speaker make such a statement? 



Ans. In Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal,” the speaker is Vassilevitch Lomov.


Natalya Stepanovna is the individual being addressed.


The land Oxen Meadows would be given to the speaker Lomov as a gift.


During a dispute over ownership of the land Oxen Meadows, Lomov made the following remark. Natalya told Lomov she didn’t want anything from him and didn’t want to give up anything about herself. Lomov stated that he would act on morality in reaction to Natalya’s remark. For him, the property’s worth was irrelevant. That was why he presented her with the land as a gift.



Forgive us, Ivan Vassilevitch, we were all a little heated.”” – Who is the Speaker of the House? Who are we referring to? Why were the individuals described as “a little heated”? What is the purpose of the speaker’s request for forgiveness? 


In Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal,” Natalya Stapanovna is the speaker.

We are referring to Natalya and her father Chubukov here.

They were ‘a touch heated’ since they had a violent argument with Lomov about the disputed land Oxen Meadows when he came to propose Natalya.

When Natalya learned through her father that Lomov had genuinely come to propose to her, she apologized for her rudeness and pleaded for forgiveness.



 I am the most unhappy of men.” – Who was it who stated this? What made him say that? What was the speaker’s method for overcoming his dissatisfaction? 


In Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal,” Ans. Chubukov says this.

For the second time, Natalya became caught in Lomov’s debate about the pet dogs. Lomov passed out due to severe physical and emotional exhaustion. Natalya assumed he was no longer alive. She placed the blame on her father Chubukov, who was also involved in the quarrel and abused Lomov on a regular basis. As a result, the impoverished father, enraged by the situation, uttered this statement.

Chubukov immediately put Lomov’s hand in his daughter’s and requested them to marry when Lomov regained consciousness. He was able to get rid of his unhappiness in this manner.


“Go there is a merchant come for his goods.” – Who said that, and to whom was it said? What is the name of the merchant? What does it mean when something is referred to as “goods”? In what ways does it reflect the person’s and society’s attitudes at the time? 

In Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal,” Ans. Chubukov says this to his daughter Natalya.

Lomov is the person addressed here as the merchant.

Natalya is referred to as ‘goods’ in this context.

We can derive a business-like attitude from the speaker’s statements, as well as a contemporary society’s demeaning attitude toward women, from these words. Chubukov sees marriage as a business transaction. Grooms are treated like merchants, while brides are treated as their merchandise. It reflects a patriarchal society in which married girls are seen as financial responsible and burden to their dad

“Bring him back!”  Back! Ah! “Bring him in.” – Who is it that says this, and to whom is it said? When do you say this? What impression does this comment give you of the speaker? 

In the drama ‘The Proposal,’ Natalya Stepanovna says this to her father, Chubukov.

After the heated confrontation, Lomov was banished from the house, and Chubukov informed Natalya that Lomov had come to propose to her. Natalya says these remarks on this moment.


This comment gives the impression that Natalya is desperate to accept Lomov’s marriage proposal. She is now 25 years old and still single. She was really dissatisfied with the missed opportunity for marriage. This expression clearly demonstrates her love for Lomov.




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