PLACE, MONTH  XXth, XXXX: On the 19th of March, ………… organized a covid vaccine camp for class XI and XII students who have completed 18 years on the initiative of the school students and doctors at the school hall from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The program’s major goal was to get more pupils vaccinated before the start of school and to raise public awareness about viral illnesses.

By a conference the school administration had decided to arrange the program, we were worried from the local health authority, gathered the vaccines as required, gained medical assistance, a bunch of doctors and health professionals, and took all measures. We purchased sanitizers, masks, and tiffins; rented microphones, chairs, and carpet; and organized rehearsals, among other things. We called M. Mandal, a doctor from our local hospital, and other doctors, as well as other ex-teachers from our school, such as Vijay Dutta, SAMIR DAS, and the president of Ranaghathe school. The program began at 10 am with a lovely address by our present H.M., Mr. Kamal Basu, on the current state of our country. After then, the vaccination program began. We commenced the vaccination process by handing out masks and washing hands to the pupils. It took three long hours to vaccinate all 240 pupils in grades XI and XII. Following that, more cultural events began, with some pupils from classes IX and X performing a covid awareness theatre. In the school auditorium, there were speech and quiz competitions related to Covid-19 . Then our guest of honor, Dr. M.mandal, gave a speech about Covid-19 awareness, saying how and where to defend the virus, how help in saving our country, and also saying “all use masks, use the hand wash, maintain a minimum physical distance of 2 meters, and if there is any danger, you will call the Helpline number soon.” Finally, tiffins were delivered to the students.  The event was a big success, not only in terms of raising awareness among guardians and students but also in terms of attempting to safeguard the Corona Virus in the wake of the recent pandemic.


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