Question answer The Dynamite Merchant class 8

Question answer The Dynamite Merchant–Alfred Nobel 

1. Who was Alfred Nobel?

Ans; Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a Swedish man chemist, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He invented 355 different patents, dynamite is the most popular.

2. What did Nobel do after taking the charge of business?

Ans; After completion of his studies, Nobel took the charge of the family business and diversified to bridge building and building construction. That business led him to absorb the experience of blasting rocks.

3. Why is Nobel called “the richest vagabond “?

Ans; Nobel was unmarried. He passed his leisure time reading the poetry of Shelley and researching in the laboratory. Later he traveled throughout Europe and stayed at homes in Paris, San Remo, and Stochholmand Italy. So he is called the richest vagabond.

4. How was Nobel motivated by Bertha Kinsky?

Ans; Bertha Kinsky, a bohemian noblewoman, and a pacifist motivated Nobel for world peace. Nobel’s bequest for a peace prize was largely in tribute to her.

5)…..Nobel moved the factory to a barge moored in a lake?

A)What did the factory produce?

B)Why did the Novel have to move his factory?

A)Ans; The factory of Nobel In the lake produced “Dynamite”.

B)In a factory in Sweden, a terrific explosion made great destruction and five people died. His brother was also one of the victims. Then the Swedish government forbade rebuilding the factory. Hence Nobel had to move his factory to a barge moored in a lake.

6) “Nobel was determined to find a solution “

a)Why was Nobel determined to find a solution?

Ans: Nitroglycerin was forbidden to carry at vessels after the great explosion at the world port. So Nobel was determined to find a way or solution to carry nitroglycerin in the vessel.

b)What solusion did he find?

Ans; Nobel. found the solution when he mixed nitroglycerin with special sand to make a sort of clay which he patented as dynamite.



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