Paragraph on Importance of Tree Plantations

 Importance of Tree Plantation

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Trees are important for all of us, as well as for animals, insects, and birds. “Save trees, save life,” as the popular saying goes. As a result, we acknowledge it and rejoin the plantation.

The trees provide shade. Trees enhance the charm of any setting. Trees are home to a variety of animals, birds, and insects. When trees are cut down, these creatures lose their homes. All herbivorous animals and birds, including humans, eat trees. Insects, too, rely on trees to complete their life cycle. The hydrological cycle cannot function without trees. Trees and forests aid monsoon cycles and rainfall patterns. They also help to bind the soil and prevent storms and floods from washing away the top layer, which is the most fruitful. Trees consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere through photosynthesis. As a result, trees offer the oxygen humans require to live and breathe. Planting trees is an important element of maintaining a green, clean, and healthy environment.

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