Model Activity Task Class 9 -Importance of Tree Plantation

Importance of Tree Plantation

Use the following points:

[Introduction- brings rain-prevents soil erosion-decreases air pollution-adds to the beauty of nature conclusion]

For generations, trees have been an important aspect of our life. It is a gift from nature to all of us. The tree is the cornerstone of our existence. It is so crucial in our lives that we cannot picture life without it. Man has had a deep affinity with trees since the start of civilization. They are really important in our lives. Trees assist humanity in surviving by contributing the vital elements of life one by one. If there aren’t enough trees, rainfall decreases, resulting in natural disasters such as drought. Soil erosion is reduced by trees, and soil fertility is increased. Trees benefit us in a variety of ways all the time. As a result, we should plant more trees and care for them. It once again saves the world from the harmful greenhouse effect. It absorbs the carbon dioxide we expel and supplies enough oxygen to maintain environmental equilibrium. Aside from increasing biodiversity, trees can enhance a location’s natural beauty. The picturesque attractiveness of the area is enhanced by trees planted along the streets and in the parks. A tree will be there for a long time, benefiting everyone in their own way. If you plant a tree today, it will benefit future generations—it is one of the best future investments you can make for your children.

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