important letter for booking a hotel room in sikkim

Suppose you wish to go to Sikkim following your senior year of high school or during the Festive vacation. Now, send a letter to the manager of a Sikkim hotel, requesting a reservation and other information.


The Manager,

The Sky Sun Hotel 

Sikkim, Post Box No. 3

Dated the ………….

SUB; Booking a hotel room 


I’d want to let you know that we’re planning a trip to Sikkim in/on…………..2021, and that we’ll be staying there for…… days to appreciate the scenery.

The home doctor recommended that /I go out for a few days to enjoy the changing weather and to rejuvenate ourselves physically and mentally. For this, we’ll require……….. bed(s) room in a sun-facing room with views of the hills, among other things. You kindly notify me/us that your hotel has water and electricity, adjoining bathroom facilities, basic Bengalees meals, an ATM, and medical services.

As a result, I respectfully urge that you book……bedroom for me/us immediately.

Thank you very much,



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