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This project has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as individuals through actuation. I’d want to express my gratitude to respected Mr./Mrs., to whom I owe a special thanks for developing this report based on the “Theatre Script.”

I’d want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my friends, parents, and others who assisted me in various ways in completing this work and submitting it to our school.

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Three themes are covered in our Class XII syllabus: (1) Theatre Script, (2) Interview with an Important Person, and (3) Indianization of the Writings of Some English Writers We, a group of 50 students, decided on the first topic, ‘Theatre Script,’ as our project after a lengthy discussion with our lecturers. Mr. / Mrs. (Insert the name of your class teacher) taught us a quick but clear understanding of what a ‘Theatre Script’ is and how to establish conversations on different characters in the plot while including such drama characteristics as suspense, conflict, confliction, climax, and resolution.




1st Scene

Stage Setup: A single bed or charpoi is placed on the stage. Swaminathan is asleep in his bed.


Swaminathan: Oh! (as he wakes up) No way! It’s Monday once more! It appeared like it was only a few moments ago that it was Friday………………………… but it is now Monday. No, no, no! Today I don’t want to go to school.

[Mother walked in]

Swaminathan, Swaminathan, Swaminathan, , Swa It’s nine o’clock in the morning. Get ready for school by waking up.


Swaminathan: Please don’t make me go to today’s meeting.


Mother: What’s the matter? Why don’t you want to go to school?


Swaminathan: I’m suffering from a headache.


(Generously): Then you are welcome to stay at home.


[Father walks in]


Father: Can you tell me what happened? Do you have no school today?


Swaminathan: I’m suffering from a severe headache!


Father (exasperated): Nonsense! Put on your best outfit and get out.

Swaminathan (condemning): But, father, I’m suffering from a severe headache!

Father (still enraged): If you loaf less on Sundays, you won’t have a headache on Monday.

Swaminathan: But, father…………..!


Father: What are you talking about? I’m not interested in hearing any excuses from you. Simply put on some clothes and go.


Swaminathan: I’m not going to be late for class.


Father: You’re going to have to. It’s entirely your responsibility.


Swaminathan: But what will the teacher say if I arrive so late?


Father: Tell him you’re late because you have a headache.


Swaminathan: If I say so, he’ll scold me.


Father;; Will he, ? Let’s see what happens. I’m curious as to what his name is.

Samuel Swaminathan Swaminathan


Father: Does he constantly chastise the students?


Swaminathan: He’s a grumpy old man. He is especially enraged by boys who arrive late. I don’t want to be late for Samuel’s class.


Father: If he’s so enraged, why don’t you tell your headmaster?

Samuel: Even the headmaster is said to be terrified of him.


[Both the father and the mother go.]


Swaminathan: Oh father! (to the audience) Why aren’t you getting it?

[A brief pause]


I am very aware of how strict my father can be!

[Father walks in unexpectedly]


‘Father,’ I’ve already written your Headmaster a letter.

[Father held the envelope in his palm and extended his hand to deliver it to Swaminathan]

Swaminathan: (With trepidation) Father, what have you written?

Father: I don’t have anything for you. Return to your class after giving it to your Headmaster.


Swaminathan: Thanks, Swaminathan. Have you written anything about Samuel, our teacher?


Yes, Father. There are numerous things to consider.


Swaminathan: Father, what has he done?


Everything is in the letter, Father. It should be given to your Headmaster.


[Father leaves, and Swaminathan holds the envelope in his palm, looking perplexed.]


2nd Scene


Stage Preparation: Start with an empty stage.

[Swaminathan began repeatedly walking around the stage in his school uniform. He’s quite concerned.]


Swaminathan exclaims, “Oh my God!” I am the world’s worst boy. It bothered me that my conscience was bothering me. I’m not sure if my description of Samuel was accurate at all! I have the impression that I jumbled up the real with the imagined.



After all, I don’t think Samuel is such an awful guy. He is far more approachable than the other teachers. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, ……………. Confusion has made my brain spin. I couldn’t decide whether Samuel deserved the accusations leveled against him in the letter.

[Started strolling around the stage again and then abruptly came to a halt.]

Swaminathan: Yes, I have a thought. At the end of the day, I’d deliver the letter to the Headmaster. There has to be a chance Samuel will do something to justify the letter during the day.


3rd scene


Stage Preparation: The stage should be set up to resemble a classroom. There will be some tables and chairs, as well as some benches and desks. The teacher will have his or her own chair. If at all possible, a blackboard should be present. There will be a few students on each bench. The uniform will be worn by all students.


[Swaminathan approaches from the stage’s left wing and stands there. Samuel is a math instructor. Now he’s staring at Swaminathan.]


Samuel: You’re running late by half an hour.


Swaminathan: Thanks, Swaminathan. Sir, I’m suffering from a headache.


Samuel: So, what brought you here in the first place?


Swaminathan: Sir, my father advised me not to miss school.


Samuel: (impressed) Your father is absolutely correct.


We’d like to see more parents like him.


[Swaminathan took a seat. Looking depressed and perplexed. After that, the teacher requested that each student turn in their assignment. Everyone stood up and approached the teacher with a note. Swaminathan, on the other hand, did not provide a notebook.]


Swaminathan, where is your homework? Samuel: Swaminathan, where is your homework?


Swaminathan: Sir, I have not completed my homework.

Why, Samuel? Do you have a headache?

Swaminathan: Thank you, sir.


Samuel: All right, have a seat.


[Swaminathan takes a seat. The ring of the school bell signals the end of class after a few moments.]


Samuel: Okay, classmates, I’ll see you tomorrow.


[ Samuel sprang to his feet. All of the pupils rose from their seats. Then, one by one, everyone fled the stage. Swaminathan, on the other hand, stayed seated on the bench. He’s quite concerned. He got off his bench and stood up when everyone had left. Then he gradually made his way to the front of the stage.]


Swaminathan exclaims, “Oh my God!” I’m in a lot of trouble. Samuel was exceptionally gentle today. What’s the best way for me to deliver this letter to the headmaster?


[All of a sudden, the school peon walked onto the stage.] Swaminathan was there.]


Peon: I’m a peon. You haven’t gone yet, have you?


Swaminathan: No, sir, I’d like to meet you.


Peon is a term used to describe a ( about to leave the stage ) It’s not possible right now.


Swaminathan: What’s the matter?

Peon: The Headmaster was gone on vacation for a week.

[There is a peon]

[Swaminathan is giddy with delight.]


4th Scene

Preparation for the stage is the same as with the first scene. The father is seated in a chair. Swaminathan walked in holding the envelope. Father took a look at him, then at the envelope.
Father: I had a feeling you wouldn’t deliver it.

Swaminathan: However, our Headmaster is on long vacation.


[Father seized Swaminathan’s letter from him and tore it up.]


Father: If Samuel scolds you again, don’t come to me for aid. You are deserving of your Samuel.


[Swaminathan is taken aback.]


[Curtain gradually lowers.]




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