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Leela’s Friend (class 11(XI) English project) is a dramatization of a short story.




(Mr. Sivasanker stands in the front veranda of his house. He is brooding over the servant problem. A young man named Sidda enters.)

Sidda: Sir, would you like a servant?

Mr. Sivasanker: Come in. (Sidda paved the way and came in.)

(Mr. Sivasanker examined him and thought to himself,) Doesn’t appear to be a bad type… In any case, he appears to be in good shape.) Where were you before? What’s your name.

Sidda: In a bungalow there.

(representing a vague location) in the doctor’s apartment.

Mr. Sivasanker: What is his name?

Sidda: I don’t know sir. He resides near the market.

Mr. Sivasanker: Why and they sent you away?

Sidda : (Giving the stock reply) They fled the town, master.

(Mr. Sivasanker couldn’t decide.) His wife was the one he called. Sidda caught her eye.)

Mrs. Sivasanker: He does not appear to be any worse than the others we’ve had.

(Their five-year-old daughter, Leela, emerged and gave Sidda a look.)

Leela: Oh Father! (she exclaims joyfully) He’s one of my favorites. Please don’t dismiss him. Allow him to stay in our home.”

Mr. Sivsanker – I’d like to express my gratitude to Mr. Sivs Okay, we’ve chose to keep you on as our slave. You will be provided two meals per day and four rupees per month in exchange for helping with housework such as laundry, gardening, running errands, chopping wood, and caring for Leela.

Sidda, come and play! Leela: (crying)”

(After the job, Leela snatched his hand and the two of them vanished.)

Leela: Now hurl the ball into the sky.

(Sidda took the ball in his hands, closed his eyes for a second, then tossed it up.) When the ball landed on the floor for the second time)

Sidda: It’s touched the moon now, and it’s arrived. A sliver of the moon can be seen here. (Leela squinted at the ball, looking for signs of the moon.)

Leela: I’m sorry, but I don’t think so.”

Sidda: You have to act quickly or everything will evaporate and return to the moon. Please hurry…. (He tightly wrapped his fingers around the ball, allowing her to peer through a small gap.)

Leela: I see the moon, but is it a wet moon?”

Sidda: It is, without a doubt.

Sidda, what do you see in the sky? Leela: Sidda, what do you see in the sky?”

God, Sidda.

Leela: Is it possible for us to touch the sky if we stand on the roof and stretch our arms?

Sidda: We can’t touch the sky from here because we’re on the roof, but you can touch the sky if you stand on a coconut tree. Leela: Do you think you’ve finished it yet?

Yes, many times, Sidda. I climb a coconut tree to touch it whenever there is a full moon.

Is the moon aware of your existence? Leela:

Sidda: All right, that’s all right. Let’s go now. I’ll show you a nice thing.

(They approach the rose plant and stand nearby.)

Sidda: (Pointing to the moon) Can’t you see it there?

Leela: That is correct.

Sidda: All right, follow me now.

(He leads her out to the yard.) He came to a halt near the well and raised his finger to the sky.)

There’s also the moon present.

(Leela screamed in amazement as she clapped her hands together.)

Leela: Look, there’s the moon! There it was! What’s the situation like?

Sidda: I’ve requested that it keep an eye on us.


(Leela walks into her mother’s room and informs her.)

Sidda is familiar with the moon, Leela.

Mrs. Sivsanker- All right, play less and finish your task at home.

(In a room, Leela and Sidda are seated.) She’s got a box full of catalogs, illustrated books, and pencil stumps. She made him squat on the floor, a pencil in his fists and a catalog in front of him. She’s got a catalog and another pencil.)

Leela: (Ordered) Write now.

(Sidda attempting to copy whatever she scribbled in her catalog’s pages.)

Sidda, on the other hand, doesn’t even come close.)

Leela: Is this how I’ve drawn the crow? (Examining his work.) Is this the B that I drew?” (She felt sorry for him and vowed to teach him more.) But that good fellow couldn’t play the pencil at all. After a brief period of time has passed)

Sidda: I believe your mother has summoned you to the table for dinner.

(Leela hurries out of the room, dropping her pencil.)

(In Leela’s room, Leela is laying in her bed, and Sidda is preparing a story.) He’s telling her stories while sitting on the floor near the bed.)



(At the time, Mrs. Sivasanker was doing some housekeeping, and Leela entered the room and noticed something around her neck.)

Mrs. Sivsanker. Is your chain still there?

(Leela searched her shirt for her chain but was unable to find it.)

I’m not sure, Leela.

(She was slapped by her mother.)

Mrs. Sivsanker is a woman who lives in the city of Sivsanker. Were you aware that it was a gold chain? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told you to take it off and put it away in the box. Sidda, Sidda! (Cries out)

Where is the chain? (Sidda enters) What did you do with it, and where did you keep it?

I’m not sure, Sidda (With a dry throat)

Mrs.Sivasanker: If you don’t bring the chain, I’ll have to call the cops.

(For a brief moment, she returns to the kitchen)

Leela: I’m hungry, Mother, and I’d like some sugar (Sidda exits)

Mrs.Sivsanker – Sidda, Sidda




Leela’s Friend is a dramatization


(Mr. Sivasanker arrives at his residence.)

Mrs. Sivsanker is a woman who lives in the city of Sivsanker. What happened today, do you have any idea?

Mr. Sivsanker – What are you talking about, Mr. Sivsanker?

Mrs. Sivsanker – Leela’s gold chain has vanished, as has Sidda.

Mr. Sivsanker – What are you talking about? Okay, I’ll proceed with caution. (Leaves the room.)

MRS Sivasansker – Go to your bed, Leela.

Leela: If Sidda doesn’t come and tell me stories, I won’t be able to sleep… I dislike you because you abuse and worry Sidda all the time. What’s the matter with you?

But he’s taken your chain, Mrs Sivasanker…

Leela: He’s allowed to do whatever he wants. It’s not a big deal. Tell me a story.

Mrs. Sivasanker: Sleep, sleep.

Leela: Tell me a story,

Mrs. Sivasanker: It is God’s grace that the criminal has not killed the child for the chain….. (It’s Leela’s turn.) Leela, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest,

Leela: You can’t tell me the elephant story, can you?

Mrs. Sivasanker: I’m sorry, but I’m not interested (Leela makes a noise of deprecation)

Leela: Mother, why can’t Sidda take our seat? (Mother is silent.) Sidda is gone because he wasn’t permitted to sleep inside the house like the rest of us. Mother, why must he be forced to sleep outside every night? He appears to be furious with us, in my opinion.






(In walks Mr. Sivasanker)

Mr. Sivsanker – I’d like to express my gratitude to Mr. Sivs What a gamble it was to engage him. He appears to be a seasoned thug. He’s served six years in prison for stealing jewelry from children. The inspector was able to quickly recognize him based on the description I gave.

Mrs. Sivasanker: Hello, my name is Mrs. Sivasanker and I am Is he still alive?

Mr. Sivasanker: I’m Sivasanker, and I’m here to help you His haunts are well-known to the police. Don’t worry, they’ll have him picked up soon. The inspector was enraged that I had hired him without consulting him first…

Leela’s Friend (class 11(XI) English project) is a dramatization of a short story.


(In a separate room, Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker are seated.) Sidda is brought in by an officer and a constable. With her head bowed, Sidda takes a position. Leela is ecstatic upon seeing Sidda.)

Leela: Sidda! (jogging towards Sidda) Sidda!

Inspector: (stooping down) Stay away from him.

Why not, Leela?

He is a thief, Inspector. Your gold chain has been taken from you.

Leela: He’s allowed to do whatever he wants. A new chain will be made for me. (They all chuckle.)

Mr.Sivasanker: What’s your motivation for snatching the chain? Is the chain somewhere? What happened to the chain, please?

Mrs Sivasanker: You’re such an ungrateful person, Sidda! You’re a devil, I’ll tell you that. (Sidda’s cheeks well up with tears)

I haven’t taken it yet, Sidda. (Looking at the ground, feebly)

Mrs. Sivasanker: Hello, my name is Mrs. Sivasanker and I am Why didn’t you tell us about your escape?

Leela: Leave him alone, policeman. I’d like to engage in some friendly competition with him.

Inspector: He’s a thief, my dear.

(haughtily) Let him be… Leela: (haughtily)

(To Sidda) Inspector: What a devil you must be to steal from such a helpless child! It’s not too late right now. Please give it back to me. I’ll let you off the hook on the condition that you promise not to do it again.

Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker: Please return it right away. You won’t be hurt in any way.

Leela: (disgusted) Leave him alone; he hasn’t taken the chain. Inspector: (With a grin) You, my child, are not at all a trustworthy prosecution witness!

(screams) He hasn’t chosen to take it! Leela:

Mr. Sivasanker: I’ll be very angry with you if you don’t behave, baby.

Take him to the station, Inspector. Tonight, I believe I’ll have to sit next to him. (The constable returns to his post, taking Sidda by the hand.) Leela follows close behind.)

Don’t take him, Leela. (crying) He should be left alone. (She grasps Sidda’s hand with both hands.) Like an animal, he stares at her in silence. Leela is carried back into the house by Mr. Sivasanker.


Leela’s Friend (class 11(XI) English project) is a dramatization of a short story.


(Leela is suddenly seated in a chair.) Mrs. Sivasanker is in charge of the household. Then comes Mr. Sivasanker.)

Mrs. Sivasanker: Has the chain received any new information?

Leela: Is Sidda still missing?

Mr. Sivasanker: He’s still in jail, despite his obstinacy and refusal to speak up.

Mrs Sivasanker: (with a shiver) What a savage!

Mr. Sivasanker: These guys who have been in jail once or twice have lost their fear. Nothing will get them to admit it.

(At the same time, Mrs Sivsanker reaches into the kitchen’s tamarind pot and grabs the chain.) Mrs. Sivasanker gets it.)


Mrs. Sivasanker – Here’s the chain! What brought it here?

(She approaches Leela, showing her the chain.)

Look at the chain, Mrs. Sivasanker.

Leela: Give it to me; I’d like to wear the chain.

Mrs. Sivasanker: How did it get into the tamarind pot in the first place?

Leela: I’m not sure how it happened, but it happened.

Mrs. Sivasanker: I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in Were you the one who placed it there?

Yes, mother, Leela says.

Mrs. Sivasanker: When do you think you’ll be able to do it?

Leela: The other day, long ago.

Mrs. Sivasanker: I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in Why haven’t you stated this earlier?

I’m not sure, Leela.

(Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker were completely taken aback.)


[Leela’s Friend] is a dramatization


Leela’s Friend (class 11(XI) English project) is a dramatization of a short story.


(While Mrs. Sivasanker is taking care of housekeeping, Mr. Sivasanker enters)

Mr. Sivasanker: I am Mr. Sivasanker, and I am Following that, the child must be chain-free. I didn’t tell you I saw her with it in her hand a couple of times, did I? It was probably dropped into the pot at some point.

Mrs.Sivasanker: Sidda, how are you doing?

Mr. Sivasanker: Tomorrow I’ll inform the inspector… We couldn’t have kept a criminal like him in the house, in any case.


Leela’s Friend is a dramatization


Leela’s Friend (class 11(XI) English project) is a dramatization of a short story.




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