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1.“may his tribe increase” EXPLAIN THE LINE

By this line ‘May his tribe increase‘ the composer prays to God for more men like Abou  Ben Adhem is admired and respected by the speaker. He also thinks highly of Abou. It is used as a parenthesis here, essentially means wishing for the growth of those who followed his teachings and followed the route he paved.

2. Describe how moonlight affects Abou’s room. Why is a lily blooming compared to moonlight?

Ans. On a calm night, the beautiful silver moonlight in Abou’s cabin had a fantastic impact. The space appeared to be wealthy and serene. The analogy is designed to show how the budding lily and the shimmering moonlight are comparable. Both the flower and the moonlight are natural, gorgeous, and eye-pleasing.

3.” exceeding peace” explain the phrase.

.The expression ‘exceeding peace’ refers to a peace that is unparalleled. The presence is the name given to the angel. Abou was always calm and serene because he was pure, honest, and peace-loving, and he was free of all biases and ills.

4. What did Abou Ben Adhem perceive in the chamber when he awoke from a deep sleep one night after a peaceful dream? Was Abou terrified of what he saw in his room?

When Abou Ben Adhem awoke from a profound slumber, he had seen an angel in the chamber. In his room, there was moonlight and serenity. In a golden book, the angel was scribbling something. Yes, Abou wasn’t really terrified of seeing his room.

5. What did Abou inquire of the angel? What gave him the courage to do so?

Abou inquired about the angel’s writing. Nothing could intimidate Abou since he was a noble, virtuous, and peace-loving man. To put it another way, there was a strong sense of calm in his room, which made him bold and courageous.

6. Describe the following: ‘Abou spoke in a lower tone’

When the angel told Abou that his name was not on the list, he lowered his voice and seemed a little upset. But, thanks to his purity and good nature, he was able to keep his cool.

7. Explain the meaning of the phrase “deep dream of pace”

The expression “deep dream of peace” might refer to a genuine tranquil dream or to a profound meditation state. He is at ease because he cares for and serves his fellow human beings.

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