19 questions answers Fathers Help class 10 wbbse

questions answers Fathers Help class 10 wbbse

What is the relevance of the title “Father’s Help” in the story?
Ans: In a sense, the story’s title is evocative and satirical. The story’s title alludes to how Swami’s father’s strictness aided him in changing his mind about his teacher.

1) When Swami was laying in bed, what did he realize?

Swami was lying in bed when he realized it was Monday morning and he had to go to school.

2) What hope did he have at the time?

Swami hoped he wouldn’t have to go to school then. In fact, he was determined about not going to school that day.

3) How did Swami avoid going to school?

Swami made a weak explanation since he didn’t want to go to school. He feigned to be feeling a headache.

4) When Swami’s mother heard him wailing, what did she say?

Swami’s mother comforted him when she heard him wailing and advised him to remain at home.

5]What was Swami’s mother’s behavior?

Swami’s mother was quite indulgent with him. Swami’s attempt to skip school due to a headache was not a problem for her. Swami had informed her that he had a headache, and she believed him.


6) What strategies did Swami employ to persuade his father?

Swami shifted tactics to persuade his father, telling him that he couldn’t go to school right now because he was late. Samuel, his teacher, was enraged by the latecomers.

7) What prompted Swami to change his strategy?

Swami was well aware that his father was a severe man. As a result, his excuse of a headache wasn’t enough to persuade his father. As a result, he modified his strategy.

8) Why did Swami dislike going to Samuel’s class at school?

Samuel, according to Swami, was a vengeful man. He was especially enraged by students who were late to class. He didn’t want to go to school because he didn’t want to be scolded by Samuel for being late.

9]. Swami, what did he say to his father regarding Samuel?

Swami told his father that Samuel was a particularly irritable teacher. If he arrived late, he would be scolded. Swami informed his father that Samuel was particularly angered by late arrivals and that he would not be pardoned even if he gave him the truth. There were also rumors that the school’s headmaster was terrified of Samuel, according to Swami.

10]. Why did Swami have such a fear of his father?

Swami was terrified of his father and suspicious of his father’s intentions because his father was a stern man who understood the value of attending school on a regular basis. Swami’s desire to skip school by inventing lame () justifications was also known to him.

11) Why didn’t Swami inform the headmaster of Samuel’s presence?

Swami had made such a dramatic declaration about Samuel that even the headmaster was terrified of him. So complaining to the headmaster about Samuel was pointless.

12]Why Swami couldn’t make up his mind about Samuel.

Swami couldn’t determine if Samuel deserved the accusation leveled upon him.

13) Why was Swami’s head spinning from confusion?

Swami’s head was spinning with perplexity as he tried to figure out if Samuel deserved the accusations leveled against him.

14]. What made Swami sad?
Swami was upset since Samuel was not terrible at all, but he had to deliver the letter to the headmaster as instructed by his father.

or  Swami felt sad about what?

Swami felt sad since he made an exaggerated comment about Samuel, believing that Samuel had to experience a negative impact as a result of his father’s letter.

15]. Why wasn’t the headmaster informed about Samuel?

Answer: No one told the headmaster about Samuel because the headmaster was terrified of him.

16) why had Swami chosen to deliver the letter towards the end of the day for a reason.

Swami chose to deliver the letter towards the end of the day because he believed Samuel would accomplish something wrong during the day to justify the letter.


What was Swami’s reasoning for delivering the letter at the end of the day?

Swami reasoned that if he delivered the letter to the headmaster at the end of the day, Samuel might do something during the day to validate the letter.

17) When Samuel was teaching arithmetic, where did Swami stand?

When Samuel was teaching math, Swami stood at the entrance of his class.

18) What was Samuel doing when Swami approached his classroom?

Swami stood at the doorway to Samuel’s class when he was teaching math.

19]Swami referred to Samuel as a “poor man” for a reason.

Swami had a letter with him in which his father complained to the headmaster about him. Samuel was completely oblivious to the bad luck that was about to befall him. Swami felt sorry for Samuel and referred to him as a “poor man” at this point.

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