Tricks to score good marks in social studies in board

Tricks to score good  marks in social studies

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 Social Science is one of the most important courses in the Class 10th and 12th curriculum, with a large syllabus. This subject’s syllabus consists primarily of themes from history, geography, cultural studies, and economics. Despite the fact that the course is graded, many students find it difficult to cover the full curriculum before the exam. Nonetheless, with the appropriate strategies and practice from a useful Social Science study resource for class 10, you can easily score 90+ on this exam subject.

The following pointers will assist you in making the most of your Social Science board exams time in Class 10. Let’s take a look at it.

Pay close attention to your nutrition.

Students often neglect to eat a healthy diet when studying for the Class 10 Social Science exam. According to various studies, a nutritious diet, adequate sleep (about 8 hours), and a relaxed mind produce excellent results.

Examine the course outline.

India in the Contemporary World-II, Contemporary India-II, Democratic Politics-II, and Understanding Economic Development are the four units in the NCERT social science book for class 10. There is no unit that is less vital than the others. So dedicate a reasonable amount of time to each of these subjects and practice them with an excellent Social Science study book for class 10.

Make the most of your study time by planning ahead of time.

It is commonly believed that when exams are approaching, you must study till the wee hours of the morning. Each student has a varied study schedule; some are night owls, while others are rising bird. Though it is entirely up to you to set aside time to study, be sure that the hours you choose are free of distractions and that you devote all of your attention to the subject during those hours. Remember that time is a finite resource, so plan your study time wisely.

Make a list.

In Class 10, the subject of Social Science contains a lot of dates and events. So, if you keep short notes on all of these dates, events, definitions, and so on, it will be much easier for you to maximize your exam preparation time. Because you won’t have much time during exam days to study every line of the book, revising such notes along with a suitable social science book for class 10 can help you present in the exam hall with confidence.

Time Management

During your Social Science test preparation days, it is critical to be careful about time management and planning. No matter how diligently you have studied the subject using NCERT social science books for class 10 or other Social Science learning materials for class 10, if you are unable to effectively manage the time all of your efforts will be for naught. As a result, begin devoting time to each topic immediately at the start of your preparation. This will assist you in wisely managing your writing time in the exam hall.

If you don’t want to be a bookworm, don’t read.

Many students start studying hard for the board examinations a few months before the exam date, and then they don’t stop! During these days, they spend practically all of their time studying and immersed in literature. This isn’t going to work with your exam results, folks. On exam days, 6-7 hours of study each day (with breaks every couple of hours) is sufficient. Spend the rest of your time doing something you enjoy, such as playing an outdoor game, listening to music, exercising, meditating, or cooking. Don’t forget to spend time with your family; moral support is the most important support during exam days, and your family has plenty of that. Right?

With all of the above recommendations for studying and preparing for a Social Science exam, we’d like to close this piece of information by wishing you the best of luck!

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