Question Answer Rio 2016 Olympics: Usain, and Mr Bolt CLASS 8

Rio 2016 Olympics: Usain, and Mr. Bolt CLASS 8

Question Answer Rio 2016 Olympics: Usain, and Mr Bolt CLASS 8

1. Why did Wellesley Bolt move to Trelawny Parish?

Ans: Mr. Wellesley Bolt, the father of Usain Bolt moved to Trelawny Parish  30 years ago as the land drilling for bauxite was started there. Then he worked at a coffee factory. After his shipment from Trelawny, he opened that shop.

2. Who is the only Mr. Bolt in the town?

Mr. Wellesley Bolt of 6O years old able-bodied man and the father of Usain Bolt is the only Mr. Bolt in the town.

3. Why did Mr. Wellesly  Bolt start his shop?

Ans: When the land drilling was started at St Ann’s for bauxite, Mr. Wellesley Bolt shifted to Trelawny  Parish. Life was difficult for him with his three children. So he opened the shop to carry on his family  For this, the shop is like a child for him.

4. How does Mr Bolt treat his shop and his children?

Mr. Wellesley Bolt started his shop 30 years ago. The shop is now more than his son and his entire revolves around it. He always looks after his shop so that like his children, the shop does not seem that he is a bad fellow.
To his children, he was very strict, but he wanted to provide them all the necessary comfort so that his children do not feel that he is a bad man. But the mother was always soft to his children and pampered them.

5. what is the history that Usain made?

Usain Bolt made history as the first man to win gold medals in both the 100m and 200m  in three unprecedented straight Olympic Games.

6.In what ways does the author compare Jamaica to India?

Ans: The author compares Jamaica to India, citing the example of Sachin Tendulkar. He says that everybody in Sherwood has a Usain story as in Mumbai everybody has a Tendulkar story.


Now much as he tries, they are rarely home.’

1]Who is” he “in this sentence?

2]Who are referred to as “they”?

3]Why are they rarely home?

4]How does he feel about being rarely home? Pick a sentence a sentence from the news story to support your answer?

Ans: 1)Here ‘he’ refers to the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

2)Here ‘they ‘refers to Mr. Wellesley  Bolt and Usain’s mother.

3)They are rarely home as they have moved from one nation to another with Usain for giving company to Usain in all of his events.

4)Mr. Wellesley Bolt feels the changing of his style of journeying with Usain is funny,  as they were confined for fifty years of life in an isolated forest and now they rarely live in their own him for giving company to Usain.

Supporting statement of my answer–“Funny this life is. Almost 50 years in this forest, and then your life changes.

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