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OUTPUT OF THE PROJECT  Jimmy Valentine In Dramatic Form 


Jimmy Valentine is a fictional character. Ralph D. Spencer was a well-known burglar.

Jimmy’s fiancée, Annabel Adams

Annabel’s father, Annabel’s sister, Mr. Adams May is Annabel’s nine-year-old niece, and Agatha is Annabel’s five-

year-old niece. The detective Ben Price

Jimmy’s friend and café owner, Mike Dolan

Prison Elmore Bank customers include the Warden, the prison guard, the Planters’ Hotel clerk, the Bank’s Teller,

Bank Clerk 1, Bank Clerk 2, and the Boy on the Street.

Scene 1: The Police Warden’s Office

Jimmy walks in, escorted by Cronin, a prison guard. Warden: Valentine 9762, you’ve finally gotten the Governor’s

signature on a pardon.

(Taking the letter from the warden) Thank you, Jimmy!

Warden: I see you only served ten months of your four-year sentence and were able to get out!

Jimmy (with an innocent grin): Sir, I thought I had gone out much earlier.

Warden: You’ll leave first thing in the morning tomorrow. This is your chance to shine. Make a man of yourself by bracing yourself. In your heart, you’re not a bad guy. Stop breaching safes and start living a straight life.

Jimmy (with a genuine look of surprise on his face): Me! Why, I’ve never broken into a safe before!

Warden: No way! Never. Let’s see what happens. How did you end up in prison for breaking into that Springfield safe? Was it because you didn’t want to reveal you’re true location? Maybe you didn’t want to give his name because you were with someone really important? Is it possible that it was because the judge didn’t like you? For innocent victims like you, it’s always one of these justifications. You’ll never go to prison for breaking into a safe.

Jimmy: What about me? I’d never been to Springfield before!

Cronin, take him away from the Warden. Provide him with the clothing he requires for going outside. Bring him back here at seven o’clock in the morning.

Cronin: Thank you, Sir.

Warden: Consider what I’ve said, Valentine.

Cronin follows Jimmy out the door.

Scene II: The Curtain Falls Mike Dolan’s Café is a restaurant owned by Mike Dolan.

Mike has taken a seat at the counter. Then there’s Jimmy. Mike gets to his feet when he notices him. Both of them shake hands and take a seat.

Mike: How are you doing, pal?

Jimmy: I feel like I’m on top of the world. But I had hoped to go a lot sooner!

Mike: Jimmy, my boy, I’m sorry we couldn’t do it sooner. But there was also that Springfield demonstration, and the Governor was on the verge of backing down. It wasn’t a simple task.

Jimmy: I have to go upstairs to my room. Mike, could you please hand over the keys?

Mike: No way, buddy, I’ll give it to you. (Hands Jimmy the key to his room)

Jimmy leaves and reappears after a few moments. He was now wearing a stylish suit and carrying a luggage containing his burglary gear.

Mike: Are you going out for a drink?

Jimmy: What about me? I’m not sure what you’re talking about. The New York Famous Bread and Cake Makers Company employs me. I also sell the country’s greatest bread and cake.

Mike: (laughing): Oh sure, it calls for a toast, what do you want to drink, man?

Jimmy: I’d like a Seltzer and a glass of milk, please. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.

Scene III: The Curtain Falls Elmore’s Main Street

Jimmy walks in, his suitcase slung over his shoulder. Let’s see what I can make of this place now, Jimmy. It was relatively simple to break into safes in Richmond, Logansport, and Jefferson City. But I believe I need to take it a little easier. Detective Ben is already on the lookout for me. This town appears to be somewhat isolated. I suppose I can use my abilities to gain ground.
A lovely lady walks past and enters a nearby structure.

Jimmy: (taking a breath) Who could she possibly be? Is it true that a single face has the power to stop the globe from spinning? Why is it that all of my senses are drawn to her? I believe she was aware of my presence, and perhaps she liked me as well. God, I had to know her right now.

(A young boy walks in casually.)

Jimmy: Good day, young man.

Boy: Who am I, exactly?

Jimmy: Will you tell me something about this site, young man?

Boy: Sure, and what do you think I’ll get in return?

Jimmy: I have a couple of dimes to give away.

Boy: That sounds great; I’d like to get a bulldog for myself.

Jimmy: Was that Poly Simpson, the lady?

Boy: That? (pointing in the direction in which the lady had gone) Certainly not! Annabel Adams is her name. The Elmore bank is owned by her father.

Jimmy: Isn’t it her father’s bank? That’s a fact that everyone is aware of. Is this how you’re always? Do you have any more dimes?

Jimmy keeps staring in the direction where Annabel had vanished.

Scene IV Reception at Planter’s Hotel comes to a close.

At the counter, the clerk is writing. Jimmy walks in with his luggage.

Clerk: (Aside) Now that’s how you clothe a well-dressed fashionable man! And have a look at me! I considered myself to be the best-dressed man in town! Good morning, Sir! (to Jimmy)
Jimmy: I’m looking for a place to stay.
Clerk: Please give me your name.
Ralph, Jimmy. Spencer, Ralph D.

Clerk: Yes, sir, and what is your occupation?

Jimmy: Now, my man, let me ask you a question. I had intended to start a business here in Elmore. Clerk: Of course, Sir! That will be a tremendous honor for our town! You will also find the folks to be really pleasant. Jimmy: Do you think the shoe company has a strong future?

Clerk: Without a doubt. We don’t have a unique shoe store in Elmore. Shoes are usually purchased from department stores or dry goods stores. You’ll have a lot of success. Market conditions are favorable across the board!
Jimmy: Then find me a room.

Clerk: Then I’ll arrange for someone to carry your stuff.
Jimmy: It’s not really necessary. I’ll be the one to carry the suitcase. See, I’d rather not burden people with my burden!
Jimmy walks out the door with the key and his belongings.
Clerk: What a virtuous individual!

The curtain is drawn back.

Scene V takes place a year later. The Planter’s Hotel has a room available. Jimmy is sitting at his desk, stuffing an envelope with a note.

Jimmy: A year has flown by in the blink of an eye. What a blessing it is to have Annabel as my fiancée! This, and only this, is the life I will live for the rest of my life. I’m curious as to Billy’s reaction upon receiving this letter! But he’ll be overjoyed to receive my tools. Why would I need my tools, ah yes, why would I need them any more! My shoe store is a success, I have a large number of friends, and I have Annabel, the angel. I will never touch another man’s money. Jimmy is no longer alive, and I will always be Ralph. I need to get this letter mailed as soon as possible. I’ve been invited to breakfast at Annabel’s place tomorrow morning. Oh Annabel, how lonely every time I’m apart from you feels!

Elmore Bank Chamber is the sixth scene.
The teller’s counters are on one side. Two clerks are busily calculating while a line of customers forms at the counter. A Vault with complicated knobs is on the other side. The two portions are separated by a glass barrier.
Jimmy, Annabel, Mr. Adams, Annabel’s sister, and Annabel’s two nieces, May and Agatha, all arrive with their suitcases.

Ralph, why do you have to leave town now, Annabel?

Jimmy: You know, Anna, my angel, I’m going to acquire my wedding outfit. There are barely a few weeks remaining. And I’d like to get you something extremely special.

Annabel: But Ralph, I’ll miss you!

Jimmy sets his bag on the table and takes Annabel’s hand in his. Annabel grabs his bag and puts on his hat.

Annabel: Oh, my goodness! It’s so hefty, Ralph! Have you put gold bricks in it?

Only nickel-plated shoe-horns, Jimmy. I was planning on returning them myself. Saving money on express charges is a wise decision.

Annabel: Oh, oh, oh, oh, o You’re becoming incredibly frugal!

Then there’s Ben Price. Ben stands behind the clients’ queue at the teller’s counter, silently observing the scene.

Teller: Do you require assistance, Sir?

Ben: No, I’m waiting for someone I know.

Mr. Adams, Annabel’s sister, and Annabel’s two nieces, May and Agatha, are all present. Mr. Adams leads the group to the vault.

Spencer, this is our new possession, Adams. This is a fantastic Vault and Safe. (managing the knobs) Now notice how we need to close the doors by simultaneously lowering all three steel bolts, turning the combination, and winding the time lock!

Jimmy: (not knowing what he’s talking about): I suppose that’s pretty safe, Sir.

Adams: Ralph, see, the door is also patented!

Annabel: (pushing both of them upstage) Papa, leave him alone! He doesn’t understand a word! Allow the poor sweetie to exist.

Annabel’s sister: Look, Papa, little tiny Anna is already deciding for herself!

(They all burst out laughing.) May shouts suddenly from behind. Agatha has been imprisoned in the vault. The clerks dash into the vault’s barrier.) Annabel’s sister: Oh my God! (as he rushes to the vault) Someone open the door! Agatha, Agatha, Agatha! Do something, Papa. Can’t you guys do something about it?

(Tugging at the vault handle) Adams: The combination was not established. The clock had not been wound up.
This door can’t be opened by anyone closer than Little Rock. Oh, my God! What are we going to do, Ralph?
But that will take a long time! Clerk 1:
Clerk 2: Isn’t it possible to use dynamite?

Adams: Please be quiet! Is it possible for you to hear me, Agatha?

(A faint scream may be heard from within.) Annabel’s sister sobbed uncontrollably. She began pounding on the door with her hands.)

Adams: Ralph, we need to take action right now. That kid can’t stay in there for too long! There isn’t much air left. Furthermore, she may experience convulsions as a result of her fear!

Annabel: Ralph, will you please do something? At the very least, try! Please!

Jimmy (strangely smiling): Sweetheart, give me the rose you’re wearing. Annabel had a surprised expression on her face. She removes the rose from her gown and hands it to Jimmy. Jimmy removes his coat, opens his luggage, and pulls his tools out. He starts digging holes in the vault door while softly whistling to himself. He opens the door and retrieves Agatha a little while later.

Annabel’s sister: Oh, my sweetheart! Jimmy puts on his coat, passes the divider, and walks towards the exit. (She embraces her child and sobs with relief.) Annabel screams, but he ignores her. He examines Ben, who is obstructing his path.

Jimmy: (smiling): You detective, you’ve finally gotten around! So, let’s get started. It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference right now.

Ben: I’m Ben. Mr. Spencer, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I understand you. You must have made a blunder, right? Mr. Spencer, I’m guessing your horse carriage is waiting for you outside.
Ben exits by turning around. Annabel pushes her way through the barrier and towards Jimmy.

Annabel: Ralph, what happened? What is your reason for leaving? Papa is astounded that you’ve picked up so many tips in your shoemaking business as well! What would we have done if it hadn’t been for you, Ralph?

Jimmy: No, Anna, you are my angel; what would I have done if you hadn’t come into my life? They give each other a warm embrace. Everyone claps their hands.

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