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Is Falder a flat character?


A flat character is a fictional character who does not change, fluctuate, or evolve much from the beginning to the finish of the story. Falder, for example, was a victim of society’s malevolent influence from the beginning to the finish of the story, beginning when he was arrested and during court processes, and ending when he was sentenced to solitary confinement and forced to die. Because his cursed destiny is predetermined under all circumstances, his character did not develop with a significant change of fortune during the play.

.” It appears to be policy.” —- Who is it that says this to whom? And what is the metaphor that is suggested here?

Answer – Cokeson tells Sweedle this. Cokeson tells Sweedle to treat Falder with respect by quoting the aforementioned line. A person who is already suffering should not be ill-treated, and a person who is in distress should not be maltreated by anyone, according to him. Rather of despising him, he should be handled with compassion, tolerance, and civility. It is a good policy that serves as a symbol of our humanitarian attitude.

 “You can’t get away with playing fast and loose with morality and expect to get away with it” — Who says this, and why do they say it?

—- After being freed from prison, Falder returns to the law office, hoping to re-join the firm where he previously worked. The owner of the office, James How, then says the aforementioned sentence to Falder in order to give him moral advice. Falder is told flatly by James that he cannot play fast and loose with morality, that he cannot break moral principles. He must be penalized if he does so. If he is found guilty, he will be unable to move freely to Scotland because he will be imprisoned.

 Describe Galsworthys Is justice a social calamity?

The pay is a tremendous social tragedy that ties a strong ‘atte on the contemporary English system of law and judiciary. Galeworthy brings to light the judicial system’s glaring flaws and inadequacies. He claims that law is blind and in the midst of a huran process. Human psychology and fundamental human infirmities are not taken into account by law. The entire dil system is untrustworthy and unethical.

 What are Justice’s main themes? 

Gale Worthy intended to make reforms to the British justice system. The play isn’t just about solitary confinement changes; it’s also about the judicial process and the larger relationship between punishment and crime. The play’s theme highlights the flaws in the legal system, highlighting how it is ineffective, inhumane, and overly strict; law fails to take into account human psychology and infirmities.

 What is the pay Justice message?

The message Galeworthy sends through Justice is that the current legal and penal system is not right and that when social circumstances force him to commit a crime, he should be treated compassionately because mercy is more important than the law. However, the legal and penal systems have “made the animals and hardened criminals.” Galswerthy’s messages are relayed through the character Frome in this play.

Is it possible to refer to Falder as a noble and affectionate ” 

Answer Faler is a warm-hearted, kind man. In his love and dedication to Ruth, he is sincere, steadfast, and true. He considers her affection to be his most valuable treasure. He suffers all misfortunes for Ruth’s sake; on the whole, he has no vice save that he loves a woman.

 What is the defense attorney’s argument in favor of Falder?

The answer —- Because we know that sometimes societal conditions drive us to conduct the crime that should be dealt with on compassionate grounds because mercy is above the Law, defense attorney Frome claims that Falder committed the act of forgery in a fit of emotional insanity. As a result, Frome asks the judge to rule that it is not a cognizable offense under the law. Human beings’ emotional characteristics should be taken into account by the law.

What are the social issues that Galsworthy addresses in his play “Justice”?

Answer —- Galsworthy primarily highlights the major flaws and flaws in England’s legal system in the early twentieth century. The main issues that govern English society are reflected in this play, such as the inhumane legal system, the divorce system, the rehabilitation of inmates, and the order of hard confinement in cell, all of which have serious mental and emotional effects on prisoners.

 Where do you find conflict in Galsworthysustice? 

The drama Galsworthy’s Justices is unlike any other tragedy written in the Aristotelian paradigm. There isn’t a traditional heroine in this drama. The inhuman social and legal systems have taken the role of the villain: As a result, the play might be about a fight between two people and the legal system, or about a conflict between love and Buty. The major conflict in Justice is between Falder and the legal system later.

Can we say Felder as an emotionally Week character ?”

 Falder’s weak point is his wiled character. Due to his solitary imprisonment in a prison cell, Dut Nesoltary feels compelled to smash his head against the prison wall. His decision to spend all of his time with Ruth in order to forge a check and his attempt to commit suicide are both indications of a weak character. 

In defending Falder, Frome correctly states, “He has neither a formidable foe nor an obvious face.” He’s exactly the type of person who would succumb to his feelings.

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