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  • Snake by lawrance Extra Questions and Answers Class 10and 12

 D.H. Lawrence, who was a well-known poet at the time, wrote the poem “Snake.” The poet describes a thirsty snake approaching the poet’s house’s water trough in this poem. It’s summer, and the poet is thirsty, so he goes to the water trough to quench his thirst, where the Snake has also come to quench his thirst. He becomes terrified when he sees the black snake and waits for his moment to drink. The snake looks at him after sipping water and then begins to return after a few minutes. The poet does not want to destroy it; instead, he wishes to converse with it. The snake begins to enter the hole, and he promptly kills it for no apparent reason. After killing a snake, he begins to repent since he has murdered an innocent snake who came to his house to drink just water, but he commits a crime out of fear, believing that he will be punished by God for killing a living creature. In the poem’s final words, he compared the snake to the sea bird Albatross. This is fascinating poetry.

  •  What is the message delivered by the poem snake?

 The poet’s message is that we must not assault or kill creatures, including those that are potentially deadly, such as snakes. He emphasizes that not all snakes are venomous; in fact, some are quite safe. Humans are nasty and attack snakes without cause because they are afraid of them.

  • What does the snake represent in D.H. Lawrence’s snake?

The snake in D.H. Lawrence’s poem “The Snake” may be interpreted as a symbol of evil or death, similar to the snake in Genesis in the Bible, which is both appealing and deadly; and the poem’s trees, plants, and water may evoke the Garden of Eden.

  •  Why does the poet decide to wait until the snake has finished drinking before standing? What poetic quality can be seen here?

The weather was scorching, and the snake appeared to be parched. The poet, who is gentle and awestruck by the creature, stands and waits until the snake has finished drinking. This reveals the poet’s thoughtfulness and compassionate nature. Also, the snake is referred to as “someone” rather than “something.”

  •  The snake is described in great detail by the poet. Describe the situation appropriately.

The snake that came to see the poet had a yellowish-brown belly that drooped along the stone trough’s edge. He rested his throat on the stone floor and drank water from the trough into his long, sleek body. He raised his head and flickered his forked tongue after quenching his thirst.

  • What is the poet’s reason for cursing his human education?

The poet adored the snake, but the voices of education in his head told him that he should kill it because snakes in Sicily are poisonous. The voices of his conscience were drowned out by the voices of education, so he decided to kill it.

  • What is the poet’s analogy for the snake’s drinking habits? What is the reason for this?

The snake’s drinking habits are compared to cattle by the poet. The snake lifted his head after drinking some water from the trough, similar to how cattle lift their heads after drinking water. He paused for a moment before drinking some more water.

  •  How does the poet feel about the snake, and how does he feel about it?

The snake held a special place in the poet’s heart. It was a magnificent and beautiful creature, he thought. It was dubbed the ‘Lord of the Earth’ by him. He was disgusted, however, because the voice of education had told him that the snake was a dangerous creature that needed to be killed.

  • Why does the poet think of the albatross in the poem “Snake”?

In the poem “Snake,” the poet throws a log of wood at the snake with no intention of killing it.. He then expressed regret for his actions and wished to see that “Lord” of the earth once more. Similarly, in ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,’ the Mariner accidentally kills the albatross. The Mariner, too, confessed his wrongdoings.

  •  What about the snake appealed to him the most?

Ans The snake came to his house to drink water quietly and then returned to its hole without harming anyone, which appealed to him the most.

  • What made him dislike returning to the black hole?

He thought the snake had come as a guest or God, and he wanted to speak with it. He didn’t want it to return to the dark hole.

  • What made the speaker think it was a king in exile?

Ans The speaker referred to it as a “king in exile” since it was a black cobra renowned as a “king of snakes” that had emerged from its underground hideaway.

  •  How does the snake appear?

A snake is a reptile with no legs and a long, slender body. Although certain lizards are legless and resemble snakes, most lizards have eyelids, which snakes do not.

  •  Is it possible for snakes to alter their gender?

Copperheads, for example, are capable of the virgin birth, or parthenogenesis, in which the female fertilizes her own eggs without the help of a male sexual partner. While not exactly a reversal, this is the ability to perform both sexes’ reproductive duties simultaneously — without being a hermaphrodite.

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