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  • SUMMERY OF MY NATIVE LAND by Sir Walter Scott

The poem “My Native Land” suggests that someone should have pride in one’s homeland. It expresses how well a man defines his homeland upon his return from a trip abroad. As he steps foot into his homeland, the man rises with glory. There is no representation of the foreign land in which he found himself.

When a man gets to his homeland, he must be filled with joy and excitement. He’s as good as dead if he doesn’t experience a feeling of loyalty. Even if he has names to be proud of after his title, such an individual will not be praised by his peers. He will be regarded as a wretch, and he will perish beneath this very same land on which he was born.



  • What is the message of Sir Walter Scott’s poem My Native Land?

Answer: The composer Walter Scott emphasizes a sense of patriotism and feeling connected to one’s country, stating that anybody who has not felt proud of his nation and referred to it as “his native land” is a person with a dead soul. Such an individual needs to be well defined.






  • Breathes there the man with soul so dead

Who never to himself hath said

“This is my own, my native land”-EXPLAIN

A person is physically alive because he has been breathing, but he is emotionally dead since his soul is dead. The writer used the word “dead” to state the point that it is indeed a painful death. The poet is describing the type of person who is emotionally dead in this verse. A person with a dead soul, according to him, is someone who has never convinced himself that his country is his native land. The word “hath” simply means “to have.”

  • Whose heart hath never within him burned?


the person who has no heart or love for his native land is referred to here. According to the poet, the heart of the person who has no love for the motherland is burnt as he is morally dead.

  • As home his footsteps he hath turned

From wandering on a foreign strand!

The above two lines are indeed the response to the composer’s prior inquiry. According to him, if a man doesn’t really come to his original land and becomes compromised in a foreign nation’s e…. society, that person who lacks a soul.

  •  If such there breathe, go mark him well

For him no minstrel raptures swell- EXPLAIN 

One may criticize one who has no love for his homeland.

minstrel means a  traditional musician who journeys from place to place singing songs that are emotionally highly touchy for a living person .Swell means to increase in volume or quantity, and raptures indicates tremendous delight and happiness .

By this statement, the poet is implying that no minstrel will perform a song for or about him. He will not be made happier by any minstrel.


High though his title, proud his name

Boundless his wealth as wish can claim

Despite those titles, power and pelf,

The wretch concentrated all in self- Explain

Despite his wealth, prestige, and power, he is a miserable person because a person who is solely concerned with himself is poor, even though  he has a lot of money. He is a selfish person .

And doubly dying shall go down –Explain .

The wealthy peron having no feelinf for hi native land  should be punished for his celebrity.o he die doubly .By doubly dying poet, the poet is implying that such an unpatriotic individual dies two times. He will die when his breathing stops owing to his bodily death. After that, no one remembers him after his death. As a result, not only does he die physically, but he also dies in the minds of others.This  is one kind of punishment .

To the vile dust from where he sprung.

Unwept,  unhonored and unsung.—-Explain .

The corpse of such a selfish person  decomposes into ash, which mixes with the dirt in the earth where he learned to crawl.No one sheds a tear as he passes away, no one honors him at his funeral, and no one is present to say the funeral prayer.

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