write a paragraph what you dream last night

write a paragraph what you dream last night
write a paragraph about what you dream last night

         In my dream, I saw myself organizing a trip to Japan with my friends. I went to a shopping mall to buy some clothes. I was given a coupon to use on clothing purchases. I was quite excited to see my number in the local newspaper when the results were published. I went out and bought a newspaper right away. I started by looking at the series of coupon numbers.

                                                              My brother’s attention fell on my coupon number, and he told me to look at it. When I saw my number and learned that I had won a lottery for $5 million, I was overjoyed. I completed the relevant paperwork and received the funds and began to understand how I could put the money to good use for the general people. I was born and raised in an impoverished and backward village. So yet, this community lacks a health center. As a result, the majority of the children do not receive treatment. Malnutrition is a problem for them. So my first act of public service was to open a health center in my village, as I had hoped. I dreamt health center removed needs of health from the village. They would shower me with blessings for doing a good deed. People in my village are mostly poor. Because some of them are unable to purchase books, I had made arrangements in my dream for the free distribution of books to all of the poor and needy kids.


                                                I decided to spend the remaining funds on myself. Rather than continuing to think. My mother yelled for me to get out of bed. My mother’s cry jolted me awake. I was resting on a simple mattress when I realized what had happened. There was no change.

Friendship _a paragraph for class 9, 10, 11


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