write a paragraph on corona fighters


write a paragraph on corona fighters

Coronavirus is the most recent pandemic to strike the world, putting the lives of people everywhere at danger. On December 31, 2019, Wuhan, China, announced that the very first case of a person afflicted with this virus.

The Covid-19 epidemic has put our lives on hold and has challenged the entire globe with a catastrophe unlike any other, altering how we live. The economics has taken a hit as many businesses throughout the world have forced to close their doors and most countries have been placed on lockdown, compelling everyone to battle the pandemic as well they can.

During nationwide lockdowns, social separation has become the expected trend, and most of us have the luxury of remaining at house and secure. Nevertheless, in the aftermath of this unparalleled disaster, the medical world, including physicians, nursing, and medical personnel, are true fighters, battling this sickness on the forefront and risking their lives to keep us all safe.

Corona soldiers have been of great value to humanity throughout these trying times. Doctors, nurses, police officers, ambulance drivers and aides, and those who support the government in supplying meals and other services deserve our gratitude.

These folks go to work every day in this difficult position, while the entire country is on lockdown. These individuals put their lives at risk every day so that we can remain safe at home. Every day, the police force works outdoors to increase awareness and advise individuals to stay at home.The sanitation department visits our community on a daily basis to clean up all of the trash so that we may leave a clean and sanitary environment.

I, too, am a corona warrior. Despite the fact that I am unable to treat Covid-infected patients, I try my utmost to combat the epidemic. I take all of the safeguards that the WHO and the Govt . of india recommend. When I go out, I always wear a mask and maintain social detachment. I wash my hands frequently and avoid doing anything dangerous.

Every day, I pray to God to assist the physicians in finding a cure. As a result, I make my small contribution to the fight against the COVID 19 epidemic. Finally, I’d like to ask that you all stay at home, be safe, and join these Corona fighters.

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