The Eyes Have It #HS question answer

1]who came to see off the girl?

Ans: A couple probably the girl’s parents came to see off the girl.

2]What were the couple anxious about and why were they so?

Ans: The couple was anxious about the comforts of the girl as their girl was travelling alone on the train.

3.What detailed instructions did the woman give to the girl?

ans: The woman instructed the girl in detail where she would keep her things, when not to lean out of the window and how to avoid the strangers.

4.To what were the narrator’s eyes sensitive?

Ans; The eyes of the narrator were sensitive only to light and darkness.

5.How did the narrator realize that the girl wore slippers?

Ans: The narrator realized that the girl wore slippers from the sound that he heard as the skippers slapped against her heels.


6.Why did the narrator’s voice startle the girl?

Ans: The girl was startled, hearing the voice of the girl as she was unaware of anybody else’s presence in the compartment.

7.What was the destination of the narrator?

Ans: The narrator’s destination was Mussorie.

8.Who would receive the blind girl?

Ans: The aunt of the girl would receive the girl.

9.Where was the girl going?

Ans; The girl was going to Saharanpur.

10.What did the narrator like about the girl?

Ans: The narrator liked the sweet voice and the sound of the slippers of the girl.

11.What was the narrator’s impression of the aunts?

Ans: According to the narrator, the aunts are usually formidable creatures.

12.Why did the girl think that the narrator was lucky?

Ans: The girl thought that the narrator was lucky as he was going to Mosdurie which was the favorite place of the girl.

13.Which month is the best to visit Mussorie?

Ans: October is the best time to visit Mussoorie.

14.who made the mistake? What mistake was made?

Ans: The narrator made the mistake. He committed the mistake by asking the girl what was like outside.

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