questions answers Travelling Through the Countryside CLASS 7 [ICSE]

How do we know that the wrestler had a lot of power in the dhaba?

Ans. Ratan Singh spoke very little, yet his simple presence was enough to keep his Dhaba running smoothly. This demonstrates that the wrestler had a lot of power in the Dhaba.

What was it about eating at the dhaba that made the author’s experience so unpleasant? Why didn’t he object?

Ans. The author found eating at the dhaba to be an unpleasant experience due to an irritating odor from a chemical industry on the outskirts of town. He didn’t say anything because he and his companions were starving.

What assured that the food at Ratan Singh’s Dhaba was of good quality?

The fierce competition among the several dhabas in the neighborhood meant that the food was of high quality. Ratan Singh’s presence in the dhaba assured good service.


Why did the author not stop during their journey?

Even though it was brutally hot, the author and his companions did not stop during their journey because they were late and couldn’t let Chandre down, who had been waiting since dawn.


was the author considerate?
yes, the author was considerate, because despite being worried about the food he quietly ate the dish without showing any agitation. the main reason was the friends of the narrator was hungry enough, another instance of his considerate nature is that on the way to chandre’s house the narrator and his friends were exhausted in the excessive heat of the sun and wanted to take rest under the cooling of the mango groves, but they did not do so, because he did not want to make chandre disappointed.

What evidence do we have that the residents of the area just outside Hasanpur were poor?

Ans. The people who lived in the area just outside of Hasanpur were poor because houses were on the verge of collapsing and had a dirty feel about them. The locals had damaged the date palms for being constantly short of fodder for their goats and animals. Moreover, Horse-drawn traps or tongas, as well as bullock carts, were still in use in the countryside. These are the signs of proving the economic condition of the villagers.

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