Questions answers from Salim’s song class 8

Important Questions from Salem’s Song

Salim s song

1.How did Salim help his father?

Ans; Salim helped his father in the food shop by peeling, chopping, slicing, and sniffing vegetables.

2.Why did Salim compare himself to a NAWAB’S son?

Ans; Selim compared himself to a nawab son, as a nawab son will never peel onions and she’d tear like Salim.

3.What does the author mean when he says it was a singing kind of day?

Ans; By this line, the author means to say that It was winter and the sun was. pleasant. Salim was basking the sun from the porch outside their food shop. This atmosphere made Salim sing his own song.

4. What are the two ragas mentioned in the story?

Ans; The two ragas mentioned in the stories are Bhairabi and Malhar.

5. Why did Salim agree to go to the fort and meet Mian Tansen?

Ans; Salim agreed to go to the fort and meet me at Mian because Tansen told Salem that he would not take any fee to teach Salim ragas.

6. Why did Tansen offered to teach music to Salim?

Ans; Tansen was very impressed by their melodious tunes of the songs with the raga  Bhairavi and the raga Malhar. He came to know that Salim could not afford to go to learn music but Salim had a hidden talent so he decided to teach him music.

7.what do you get to know from the story about Tansen?
what kind of man he was?

Ans; He was a great musician in the court of Akbar Badshah . he was one of the nine jewels of the Akbar court. kbar also gave him the title Mian  Tansen .he was a kind-hearted man as he thought to teach Salim music.

8.” wah! you sing well”

who said this to whom? when did the man say so?

Ans; Tanen, one of the jewels of the great Akbar said this to little Salim.

When Salim was singing with his own tune, Tansen heard it and was impressed. He was so fascinated by the song of  Salim that he expressed his feeling by saying the quoted words.

9.Where did Salim live? What did his father do?

Ans. Salim lived at Moti Bazaar, in Agra. His father was a fantastic cook and an owner of a food shop.

10.What was on the menu that day?

Ans ‘Mutton curry, potato, and spinach dish, and dal ware bing, to name a few. that day’s preparations

11.Why was Salim taken aback when he discovered who the man was? What is Tansen’s claim to fame?

Ans. Salim was taken aback when he saw Tansen, who was dressed in a suit. Tansen was dressed in a plain silk robe and wore ancient embroidered shoes. He did even rode the horse like other courtiers.


12.”Salim looked suspiciously Adam and you are not joking are you?”

1 )why did Salim looks suspiciously at the man ?
2)what promoted thisvresponse from from Salim?
3)what did man say in response to Selam statement?
4) what effect did the man’s response have on Salim?

Ans; 1) When the man asked Salim to come to Badshah’s fort with his father to discuss everything about his music learning, Salim was surprised . Because he could not imagine the man as a courter of the Badshah with his simple clothes and old jootis embrodried with gold.

2) This response prompted that Salim did not believe the man as the courter of Badshah, Tansen.

3)In response to Salim statement the man said come to the the ford where he would tell the guards. Those guards would take them to Mian Tansen’s room.

4) Salim was totally Surprised and asked the man how he could be Tansen as his shoes were old and he was not riding horse.



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