paragraph – English is my favourite subject

  my favourite subject  /My Favorite Subject Essay

my favourite subject  /My Favorite Subject Essay

Every student has an interest in one or more subjects. It makes no difference if it is related to academia or the arts.English is my own favorite topic. I’ve always done well on this topic since I know what I’m talking about. It makes learning a breeze for me, and I always receive good grades as a result. I appreciate studying English for a variety of reasons. English is beneficial to me in other courses as well. Reading helps me understand the concepts better. This topic contains a large number of interesting and thrilling stories and poetry based on both fiction and true occurrences. I adore English-language fiction. I like how there are always some lessons to be learned. They are also applicable in real life and assist me in making sound judgments. It teaches you how to use precise words and sentences to better communicate your message. Every week, our English teacher assigns five new vocabulary terms for us to learn at home. At the start of each week, we must write a spelling exam on these vocabulary words. When I write or speak in English, I like to incorporate these new vocabulary words. This also helps me to practice my writing talents. As a result, English is more than just reading; it also contains a creative component. I enjoy writing and using it to express myself. I also enjoy reading various poetry and attempting to write my own.

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