my mom {mother} -an essay

my mom {mother} -an essay

 I’ve known how to adore her since the day I was born. My mother was the first to teach me to sketch and walk, and she was present when I took my first steps! She taught me to have faith in people and not hold grudges against them. When I was ready to give up, she continually pushed me to keep going.

Every child’s mother is a highly special and significant individual. She is her child’s friend, mom, mentor, and teacher. She looks after the entire family and transforms a house into a lovely home. She raises her children with the utmost compassion, love, and care. With her presence and grin, she brightens our houses. Mothers realized how vital it was for individuals to believe in themselves in order for their children to grow up entire, strong, and with healthy self-esteem. She was not only the one who brought us into this world, but she was also the one who nourished us with her unselfish love and care. A mother works diligently as a caregiver, teacher, mentor, friend, and role model while neglecting her own needs and happiness. She is the common thread that runs across the entire family. Even when you don’t believe in yourself, she never loses faith in you. She adores every bit of nonsense you’ve ever given her, but she’d rather to spend time with you.

God’s true blessing is Mother. Though it is impossible to list all of a mother’s positive characteristics in one essay, we have done our best to summarize the mother’s function, obligations, sacrifices, worth and position, love, and care for her family.

My first teacher was my mum. She is my mentor, career counselor, friend, and most importantly, my universe.

Except for my mother, I have never known someone who has been so close to me. She is the only reason I am still alive. I owe her everything. For me, her boundless and infinite love is a source of survival. She is the most dependable person in my life. She has fostered my development. I’ve benefited from her tenderness, compassion, and unconditional adoration since I was a child. I’ve been able to live contentedly under the beautiful shelter of her love. My mother and I have an unshakable bond. Without her, I can’t breathe or do anything. In her absence, even I can’t breathe happily. She was my first and only teacher. In her lap, I learned my first lesson in selfless love. My first learning institution was my mother’s lap, where I began my educational adventure.

My mother works nonstop to keep the house running. She prepares and serves meals for the entire household. She gets up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for everyone. Throughout the day, she works tirelessly to meet the requirements of all family members. My mother is a strong, courageous woman who is committed to her responsibilities.

The power to work every waking moment comes from the fountain of love within her. The motivating factor is unselfish and genuine love. Her selfless compassion allows her to assist in overcoming physical weariness.

She is a blessing in my life. The person who is regarded as the personification of selfless love, abundant care, desired sincerity, and much-needed truthfulness.

These characteristics of my mother compel me to exalt her magnificence. I’m at a loss for words to describe my mother. She is the epitome of kindness. She is the most cherished and dignified creature to me, second only to God.

My mum is both my best friend and my instructor. She laid the groundwork for my education and taught me skills that will benefit me in all aspects of my life. My mother is the best friend I’ve ever had. When I’m going through a difficult time in my life, she keeps me company. She not only assists and supports me, but she also inspires me to take on life’s obstacles head-on. I tell her how I’m feeling. She is privy to my deepest secrets since I have never kept anything from her.

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