My First Day In School

For me, the first day of school was a whole new experience. It’s because any child’s environment changes drastically. You are always comfortable and safe in your own house. Your first day of school, on the other hand, opens the door to new experiences and chances. I had a lot of unknown anxieties, and I couldn’t sleep that night since I was constantly thinking about school, professors, and kids. My mother awoke me early the next morning. I went to the bathroom and took a bath. My mum dressed up nicely. We began walking to school after breakfast.

I realized I was in a strange universe as she walked away. I cried, as far as I recollect. When the assembly began, the principal gave a brief welcome statement. We returned to the classroom after the assembly. Disha and Amar, two of my primary school pals, were in the class. We sat next to each other. So I wasn’t humiliated in the least. Two more new pals and I became friends

. After some time had passed, our class teacher came into the room. He told us a lot of rules and crucial information. He was a wonderful person. He recognized me and inquired me to present myself to the classroom before we started. I did, and that everyone appeared delighted to have me join their class. My classmate’s teacher was warm and considerate. My parents told me, and I witnessed for myself, that our school’s teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They not only instruct the students, but also provide them with guidelines. Three to four boys approached me right away and shook my hand. I was relieved. Following the end of the period, a few more students approached me and introduced themselves. They welcomed me with open arms, and within a few days, everyone had become my buddy. I ate my lunch during recess. My lunch was accompanied by the class monitor. He was a pleasant individual. He took me to the playground and showed me around the school. It was a large piece of land. There were four more periods after recess. In the classroom,

 I was feeling fairly at ease. All of the teachers were quite pleasant and helpful. Their teaching style was likewise excellent and engaging. The last period was devoted to dance. Everyone else was dancing with their partner, but I managed to find mine. The classes ended at 2:30 p.m. We left for home after Mother, who had gone to pick us up, met us at the school gate. The classroom’s colorful decor piqued my interest. I had a great time on my first day and returned home happy.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable and educational experience. I learn that it is a well-known educational institution with a good ranking. It is a privilege for me to attend this institution. My first day of school is one of my favorite memories. When I tell people about it, I feel proud.

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