Important questions The North Ship class 9


Important questions The North Ship class 9
Important questions The North Ship class 9

SUBSTANCE OF The North Ship 

The poem began with the poet’s own viewpoint as he saw that three ships made ready to depart over the sea. As the wind blew in the early sky, it was a wonderful day to sail by. Each ship was fully equipped and ready to embark on a journey. The poet saw that the first ship set sail for the west sea, full of crashing waves and that it arrived in a prosperous land. Over the sea, the second ship made a U-turn to the east. However, the wind was chasing the ship like such a hunting monster, and the ship was unable to complete the journey and arrive at its intended destination.
The poet observed the third ship sailing through the black sea in a northerly direction. The decks sparkled frostily since there was no wind. The northern sky grew dark and lofty as we traveled. The route was not favorable for the ship to go by. The east and west ships returned after encountering obstacles along the way, but the north ship sailed deep into the choppy water, arrived at its destination, and prepared for another long journey.


THEME OF The North Ship 

Actually, the poet relates the three ships to three different types of people, and their voyage is contrasted to the journey of these three different types of people’s lives. According to him, there are three categories of people that begin their lives with the intention of achieving their goals, but two kinds of people fail to achieve their goals because they are unwilling to face minor setbacks and barriers. However, the third type of person succeeds in achieving their purpose despite enormous hurdles. Difficulties can’t stop them from living their lives.


1. What made the sea so “proud” and “fruitless”?

Ans; The sea was arrogantly unfriendly to the third ship. As a result, it was ‘proud.’ It had no bearing on the ship’s ability to reach its objective. As a result, it was deemed “unfruitful.”

2. What happened to the second ship as a result of the wind?


Ans. The second ship sailed east, pursued by the wind, which was plagued like a monster and eventually enslaved it.

3. What does the North Ship represent?

Ans; The North Wind represents powerful, determined individuals who are unaffected by adversity.

4. What is the function of the fire-spewing star?

Ans; The fire-spilling star can be interpreted as difficulties in life or as the dominance of powerful people in society.

5. In the poem The North Ship, what does “unforgiving sea” mean?

Ans; In the poem “The North Ship,” the phrase “unforgiving sea” refers to the difficulties and barriers that one confronts in life. The northbound ship is a metaphor for somebody who takes an unusual path in life and encounters many difficulties and obstacles along the way. It also implies that such roads do not necessarily lead to a destination, but the journey is always exciting.

6. What does “flowing sea” imply?

Ans; The term “running sea” refers to a sea that is conducive to travel due to the presence of favorable breezes.

7. What role does the “fire-breathing” star play?

Ans; A “fire-spitting” star in the sky is a well-known omen of impending turbulence. The third ship, on the other hand, must overcome all impediments in order to reach its objective.

8. how would you describe the sea while the tree ships were sailing?

Ans; The sea was rough when the three ships were going because the wind was blowing hard.

9. How can you tell the difference between a quaking sea and a flowing sea?

Ans; The running sea is conducive to travel, whereas the quaking sea is an impediment to a sailing ship.

10. How would you describe the ships’ return?

Ans; The two ships returned, one gladly and the other miserably. The third ship, however, never returned and proceeded on its journey, conquering all difficulties.

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