Extra questions answers of When the Fish Laughed class 7

A Queen contacts a fisherwoman who is selling the catch in this narrative. The Queen, however, is enraged and teary-eyed by the laughing fish. She tells her story to the King, who asks his minister to investigate the fish’s peculiar behavior. The responsibility is then passed down to the minister’s son. Will the son, on the other hand, be able to figure out what’s going on?-This is the story.

later minister’s son,  Amir solved this fish issue with the help of Shivani.

Extra questions answers of When the Fish Laughed

Why did the Bhaskara refer to Amir as a “strange” man?

Ans. Bhaskara referred to Amir as a “strange” person because when he invited him house, he inquired about the strength of their house’s beams.

What was Shivani’s present for Amir?

Ans; Shivani sent him a bowl of porridge, 12 chapattis, and a jar of milk, among other things.

Shivani had no way of knowing the servant had been unfaithful.

Ans. The Amir instructed the servant to inform Shivani that the moon was new, that ten months had passed, and that the sea was not at all full. Because he didn’t comprehend what these words meant, the servant repeated them to his mistress line for line, as he had heard them, and his theft was uncovered. This is when she discovered the servant had betrayed her.

Why does Amir think Shivani could be able to assist him in solving the fish problem?

Ans. Shivani, Amir feels, may be able to assist him in solving the fish issue because he considers her to be very smart, as she recognized the profound and insightful meaning of each of his phrases.

. Do you think Amir is a smart guy? Use examples from the play to back up your answer.

Ans. When Bhaskar welcomed him home, he asked if the house’s beams were sturdy enough, and then directed the servant to tell Shivani, “The moon is new, there are ten months, and the sea is not at all full.” Each of Amir’s words had a profound and insightful meaning, indicating that he’s a really intelligent person.

What did Amir have to say to the king?
Ans; Amir advised the king to throw a feast to capture the guilty. The plan was to dig a deep pit in the ground, which the maid would be required to cross, and whoever did so would very certainly be the guilty.

Why did the vizir believe death was on the horizon?
Ans; The king had told Vazir that if he couldn’t figure out why the fish laughed at the queen, he’d be murdered. Since the sickness couldn’t solve the problem, he assumed he’d die soon.

did vizir die?

Ans; No, the vizir did not die because his son, Aamir, advised the monarch and assisted him in catching the criminal, thus preventing his father’s death.

‘Impossible! He would have been caught and executed immediately for such a crime.’

  To whom did you say this, and to who did you say it?

Ans; This is what Amir told Shivani.

 What was this supposedly “impossible” event that the speaker mentions?

Ans; A man could not enter the Queen’s Palace since it was forbidden.

Was it really unthinkable?
Ans; As Shivani said, it was not impossible for a man to dress up as a woman and enter the Queen’s Palace.

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