EXTRA QUESTIONS ANSWERS My Native Land by Sir Walter Scott

  • Who is the owner of such a soul? What quality does this guy lack?

    ANS- A person’s soul is virtually dead if he does not willingly sacrifice for his own nation. This person lacks a spirit of nationalism or connection to a nation.


  • what does it imply by the phrase to have a soul that has died’?
    ans; When a person returns to his homeland, he should be filled with pride and joy. He is as good as dead if he does not have a sense of loyalty or attachment to the country.


  • What kind of individual would die twice if he or she did not love his country?

    Ans. A man who just doesn’t love his nation will die twice because he will be neglected by his contemporaries and completely forgotten after his death; hence, regardless of his social rank or money, he will die physically and in people’s memories.

  • How does the person feel when he returns home from his foreign journeys?
    ans) The poet portrays a man who lacks a sense of connection to his homeland. When a man comes home from a trip to another country, he has no sense of pride or excitement. His money and power entice him, and he yearns to travel to another place to reassert his dominance and wealth.


  • Which is more valuable, according to the speaker, a man’s wealth and power or his dedication to his country?

    ans) The speaker believes that a man’s dedication to his country is more valuable than his wealth and power.


  • As per the speaker, a person does not just die physically. What other form of death does he go through?
    ans ) The poet discusses two types of death: physical death and spiritual death. A man’s soul is dead if he is disloyal to his homeland. He may amass wealth from his journeys, but it is of little value to him.


  • .What happens to the man once he dies? Do you believe this is an appropriate punishment? Why do you think that is an actual punishment?
  •  ans) He will return to the worthless dust from which he was born when he dies. Nobody will chant for him or honor him once he dies. This is shown in the words,
  •  Yes, the punishment is acceptable since a person who does not love his own homeland, the land of his forefathers, is unquestionably a hardhearted and selfish guy who is already dead in spirit and does not deserve to be revered even after death.


  • Who, as per the poet, is unable to be devoted to his homeland?Ans. A person who has gone away from his own place and never returned, as per the poet, is incapable of allegiance to his country.



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