essay on my pet for class 7

essay on my pet for class 7

essay on my pet for class 7

 Pets are more than just animals who live with us. They just became a part of the family since they provide us with so much comfort. My uncle bought me a dog last spring since I’ve always wanted a pet.

He was the cutest and most gorgeous puppy I’d ever seen, and I was tasked with caring for him. It was an excellent breed with soft paws, indicating that it had undergone extensive breeding. Rocky is the name we chose for our new golden retriever.

Rocky is a brown dog. It is an excellent breed of dog. This dog possesses incredible strength and agility. Aside from bread, it eats milk, grains, and other similar foods. My dog is well-cared for by me. I take it to the veterinarian when it becomes ill. When ROCKY  was small, my father purchased it.

It is well taken care of by me. Every day, I give it a soap bath. I give it milk and bread to eat. I also provide it flesh and bones on sometimes. It is nurtured as if it were a family member. Every family member adores and enjoys it. Visitors to the house enjoy it as well.

It chases down and overtakes hares, foxes, jackals, and other small animals. It keeps watch over the house at night. It is extremely sensitive to noise. It is scared by the tiniest sound and begins to bark. No thief would dare to approach our home. It has a powerful instinct.

Grandma  is also a big fan of my pet. We’ve never failed to feed him on time. He’s growing at a breakneck pace. Every month, I bring him to the doctor for a vaccination. The doctor compliments me on how well I care for my pet. My buddies enjoy playing with my pet as well. When they come to my house, they frequently play with him. Rocky is a brilliant young man. He pays close attention to my whistle and responds accordingly. He always follows my orders. ROCKY is concerned about everyone’s mood and becomes irritated when somebody is ill or unhappy. He has a lot of affection from my family. He is my best mate and I adore him.

They reduce anxiety and keep you feeling revitalized and at ease. Various varieties of pets are kept by people all over the world.

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