• Exam Suggestions for HS English


    subjects are available here. The written exam will be worth 80 marks. The revised syllabus will be used to create questions for the HS 2022 English written test.


  • Four Prose, four Pomes, and one Drama are included in the WB HS English Syllabus. These parts will generate questions. Writing Skills, Grammer & Vocabulary, and Unseen Passage are also included in the HS English 2022 exam paper. You can get additional information about the syllabus here.


  • If you are looking for West Bengal Higher Secondary Education(Wbchse) HS Suggestion 2022, then you have come to the right place. Please follow this site to get the suggestions of  Hs 2022 of  All Subject Suggestions.  To get an 85 percent on your higher secondary exam, study the wbchse 12th class books thoroughly before reading this advice.
  • The writing portion contains 10 marks.
  • students choose one of the three alternatives.
  • the three alternatives are ====report Writing  or letter Writing or precis writing


report Writing
       1)Write a report about your school’s one-week program to clean up the classrooms, the school grounds, and the surrounding area after a lockdown. Mention both the students’ and teachers’ roles.

            2)Write a report about the school’s annual prize-giving ceremony.

            3)Prepare a report on a famous magician’s magic show that will be held at the school.
write a report on a teacher’s retirement ceremony

              4)Prepare a report on the annual prize ceremony.

      5)Write a report about the Rabindra/Nazrul Jayanti.

6)Prepare a report on the blood donation/eye treatment camp.

            7)Prepare a report on the Health Awareness Camp that your school hosted.

             8)Write a report on how the Kanyashree Project has benefited your school’s female students.

                    9)On the occasion of World Environment Day, your school held a tree-planting program.

                        10)Write a report for the school magazine about it.

                      11)On the occasion of World Health Day, your school held a health awareness camp. Write an article for the school magazine about it.

                        12)Your school recently held a World Environment Day celebration. Write an article for the school magazine about it.


                    13)Prepare a report on the school’s mask and sanitizer distribution event.

letter Writing
1)compose a letter to an English daily newspaper editor expressing your dissatisfaction with the excessive cost of goods.

2)write a letter to the editor of an English newspaper expressing your dissatisfaction with the open market sale of cut fruits.
3)Write a letter to the editor of an English newspaper expressing your worry about the public’s lack of knowledge regarding Covid 19.
4)Write a letter to an English newspaper’s editor expressing your concern over indiscriminate tree felling.
5)Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your opposition to the use of plastic bags.

Miscellaneous letter writing

1]write a letter to the headmaster of your school to arrange online classes regularly for all the classes of your school
2]write a letter to the headmaster of your school to celebrate independence day maintaining covid protocol
3]write a letter to the manager of a bank to arrange an educational loan.
4]write a letter to the postmaster of your locality informing your present address where you have been recently shifted.

5]Write a letter to R.K  Electronics Pvt. Ltd.’s customer care manager, expressing your dissatisfaction with a flaw in the  MOBILE PHONE you purchased from the store.

6] Suppose you are the manager of  R.K Electronics Pvt. Ltd. You’ve had a lot of orders from different customers. Write a letter to one of your customers alerting them that their order is being delayed.

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