William Wordsworth -Daffodils summary and analysis

Daffodils summary and analysis

Daffodils summary and analysis

The poet all alone has nature on his thoughts, going from place to place like a cloud that travels over valleys and hills in the breeze. Suddenly, he notices a big number of yellow daffodils blossoming beneath the trees on the lake’s edge. A gentle breeze is blowing, which causes the daffodils to flutter and dance.

The poet compares the view of these lovely golden daffodils to that of the stars flashing in the Milky Way. As far as the poet can tell, all he sees are daffodils growing along the bay’s edge, and they appear to be in enormous numbers. All of these flowers are doing a merry dance with their heads bouncing back and forth.

The waves in the neighboring lake are dancing with the breeze and glistening due to the sunrays landing on them. The beauty of the golden daffodils, on the other hand, is so appealing and beautiful that it easily outshine the beauty of the dancing and sparkling waves. In such lovely and pleasant company, the poet feels glad and blessed. The poet is entirely engrossed in the beauty of the daffodils, and he has temporarily lost track of his surroundings. He thinks himself fortunate and grateful to have witnessed such a spectacular display of daffodils.

Later, when the poet is lying on his couch and thinks about not being busy, daffodils appear in his mind. The remembrance of the daffodils not only brings pleasure to his heart, but it also refreshes him, and he feels like dancing with the daffodils.

1st Stanza

Like a cloud that travels over valleys and hills with the wind, the poet wanders alone from one location to another. The poet notices a big number of golden daffodils all of a sudden. These daffodils can be found near the lake and among the trees. A gentle breeze is blowing, and the daffodils are dancing and fluttering in response.

2nd stanza

These daffodils appear to the poet to be stars that glimmer and glow in the Milky Way. The daffodils have spread across a broad region along the bay’s edge. They are in exorbitantly large quantities. All of these daffodils are delightfully dancing in the breeze.

3rd Stanza

The wind is also dancing with the waves in the lake beside these flowers. However, the waves pale in comparison to the daffodils in terms of beauty .. The poet is overjoyed as he watches such a lovely scene. The poet keeps staring at the daffodils. For himself, the poet holds the scenario as a gift.

4th Stanza

The poet claims that whenever he lies down in his bed, either thinking or not thinking, visions of daffodils flood across his mind. It usually only occurs when the poet is alone. These daffodil visions have a mystical influence on the poet. The poet’s heart is filled with joy as he sees these images. The poet wishes to dance with the daffodils as well.

Daffodils summary and analysis

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