why school gives importance to exhibition ?

why school gives importance to exhibition ?

 Students are often encouraged to think critically, solve difficult problems, and acquire skills such as verbal communication, presentation skills, research, cooperation, organizing, self-sufficiency, goal setting, and technology and online literacy through exhibitions.

 Exhibits are a new approach for instructors and students to hold one other and the public accountable. They add to our collective understanding of how teachers instruct and children learn. Professional development can also be gained through creating and reflecting on exhibits.


1]Most schools have a tradition of holding exhibitions in which students present numerous models. Occasionally, the children will even present them to you. Astronomy, geography, and mathematics exhibitions based on what they’ve learned in class. 

2]Students have the opportunity to apply or do the practical component of what they have studied in the classroom in a display.

 3]These are genuine opportunities for children to put what they have learned in school into practice. 

4]It aids in the creation of brand relevance. It is critical to have a thorough understanding of our rivals. 

5]The exhibition would motivate both bright and weak pupils to learn concepts in a hands-on manner. 

6]Students that participate in such activities become more interested in their studies, and their learning capacities improve as a result.


1]It is not easy to organize an exhibition. It takes a significant amount of time and effort. It also necessitates a substantial amount of effort.

2]Exhibitions necessitate accountability. The owner is in charge of all arrangements, and if anything unexpected happens, he is to blame. 

3]To participate in an exhibition, you will need to invest some money in staff housing.

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