want to write a Paragraph on my favourite book ? chader pahar my fafourite book

chader Pahar  by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay my favorite book

chader Pahar  by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay my favorite book 

 A book is a loyal friend, a philosopher, and a motivator all rolled into one. They are tremendous human treasures. They are a wealth of information and wisdom. You can seek instruction from books in your life. They provide many insights and a magical portal through which we can interact with people from the past and present. It allows you to live with a sense of purpose and clarity the majority of the time. Reading is an excellent habit to develop. Great readers develop into great writers, and great writers develop into great communicators. It contributes to the development of excellent societies. The advantages of books are numerous.

My favorite pleasure is reading books. My constant companions are books. When I’m having trouble connecting with myself, I turn to works by great authors and thinkers. I’ve read quite a few novels. Some books have a lasting impact on our minds. Chander Pahar, a Bengali adventure story written by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay and released in 1937, is the book that has most attracted to me.

“Chander Pahar” is considered one of Bengali literature’s best adventure books, is a strong story of wanderlust and adventure, as well as giving wings to one’s ambitions. Shankar Roy Chowdhury and his friend Diego Alvarez, a mid- Portuguese explorer, travel through the rugged hills of pre-World War I Africa in 1909-1910, encountering wild animals, lost tribal groups, labyrinthine trails, raging volcanoes, and mythical monsters that seem all too real, in search of the fabled Richtersveld diamond mines.

Bandopadhyay had never visited Africa before. From his extensive reads in the Calcutta Library, he gleaned information on Africa, including its history, geography, and biology. Imagine that he created a fascinating and true narrative about a location he’d never been using only research and a good dollop of imagination without using Wikipedia, Google, or other such tools.

I’ll give it a ten out of ten for the enthralling depiction of Africa. It’s a fantastically elaborated story that isn’t boring. Occasionally, When the protagonist is confronted with a lion, venomous snakes, a python, or an ape, my heart leaps. Last but not least, Shankar’s character is brilliantly portrayed, as are the diamonds, gold, and other precious stones.

In its genre, no other Bengali novel comes close. The author’s mood, the wildness of nature in the multiplicity of Africa, is unrivaled. The story’s thrill, pace, mood, and ambiance can’t get any better. Anyone who can read Bengali, regardless of age, should read this book. This is a true work of Bengali literature.

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