The old sea dog story questions and answers CLASS 8

    1. The old sea dog story questions and The old sea dog story questions

    1]Describe the captain’s arrival in The old sea dog story.

He was a tall, powerful, heavy, nut-brown man, with his tangled ponytail falling over the shoulder of his dirty blue coat, his hands torn and scarred, with black, cracked nails, as well as the saber cut over one cheek, a dirty, livid white. The narrator recalled him looking about the cover, whistling to himself, and then bursting out in that ancient sea song that he sang so frequently afterward:

2] ‘a silver fourpenny on the first of every month’?

Who said this?

in which context the narrator said this?

ans; The narrator of the story said this about the captain.

the narrator said this  when The captain offered the narrator a silver fourpenny on the first of every month if he kept an eye out for a seafaring man with one leg when he arrived

3]Create a character sketch for the captain The old sea dog story

ANS; By nature, he was a pretty quiet individual. As the narrator also mentions, he would generally remain silent. With his telescope, the skipper would just go around the cove or along the cliffs. In the evenings, the captain also sits in his parlor with rum and water. However, there was an episode in which he threatened Dr. Livesey with a sailor’s clasp knife. The captain had a lot of stories, and he used to scare people away with them. Fantastic sea storms, walking the planks, and other such tales were told

4]What did Dr. Livesey tell to the captain, as a doctor?
Dr. Livesey, the local physician who has come to treat Jim’s sick father, continues his chat, calmly predicting that the captain would die soon if he continues to drink, and he warned that if he continues to threaten people, he will be arrested.

5]How did the narrator describe the nightmare he experienced one night?

The narrator would see a one-legged man in a thousand forms and with a thousand wicked expressions during stormy nights, when the wind rocked the four sides of the house and the waves roared down the cove and up the cliffs. He imagined that the leg would be severed at the knee, then at the hip. he also imagined that the man was a grotesque creature with only one leg, positioned in the center of his body. And the worst of nightmares to see him spring and run and pursue me over hedge and ditch.

6]what type of stories did the captain tell?

His stories were the ones that terrified people the most. They were terrifying tales of hanging and walking the plank, as well as hurricanes at sea, the Dry Tortugas, and crazy deeds and locations on the Spanish Main.

7] ‘he did enough to ruin us’

Who said this about whom? why did the speaker say so?

The narrator said this about the captain.

the captain.  had remained for days after days, months after months, and had wasted all of their money. As a result, the narrator declared, that he did enough to damage them.

8]Give a character sketch of Dr. Livesey.

Dr. Livesey was a calm, fearless, and astute individual. He is capable of handling difficult situations and he remains firm in his convictions and boldly shares his views and opinions. As a result, he clearly possesses the characteristics of a hero.


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