Report writing on the farewell ceremony of a teacher

Farewell Ceremony of OUR LOVING SIR

Report writing on farewell ceremony of a teacher
Report writing on the farewell ceremony of a teacher


May 11, 2021; School auditorium: Yesterday a farewell ceremony was held in honor of the most respected teacher,[name of the retired teacher]. [name of the retired teacher], a dedicated and true teacher, worked at our school for almost thirty-three years. For this, The auditorium was beautifully decked with bright flowers and papers, each with a greeting for [name of the retired teacher]. The D.I. of schools presided over the farewell ceremony.

The event began with a song performed by pupils of the chorus. The retiring teacher was the first to be garlanded. [name of the retired teacher] ┬ácontributions to our school’s overall development were highlighted by our school’s H.M. in a powerful address then. The Hm also said that his departure was viewed as an irreplaceable loss to the institution. All of his coworkers or colleagues offered him a loving tribute.[name of the retired teacher]was also given the microphone, and his voice was shaking and he was on the verge of crying. With a flooding heart, he said how much he will miss the school and the children. He inspired the students to work hard in class and secure a good future. He felt upset as he reminisced about his time at the school. He even advised everyone to communicate via phone.

The audience was filled with emotion as a result of this. Many pupils were overcome with emotion. The students were also summoned to speak about their teacher. They conveyed their sincere admiration and gratitude for the teacher. Finally, students presented.[name of the retired teacher] with a handcrafted card and a small gift. At last, the D.I described him as a knowledgeable, sincere, and hardworking tutor. The school’s boys put on a cultural performance. At 5 p.m., the program came to a close with a depressing tone wishing good health and long life to [name of the retired teacher].

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