Questions and answers panchlight class 7

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Questions and answers panchlight class 7


Panchlait is a film set in either the 1950s or 1960s that depicts the story of a little town in North India that still lacks electricity and is immersed in its own small sorrows and joys. Godhan, a member of the village’s Mahato Tola, is expelled from the community after refusing to pay any portion of his inheritance to the community and being unjustly accused by Munri’s mother of performing unsuitable Hindi songs for Munri. The sarpanch discovers that no one from the tola understands how to light the petromax save Godhan on the day the tola decides to celebrate by bringing in their own panchlight. Putting his ego aside, the Sarpanch cancels Godhan’s penalty and sends a message for him, who eventually becomes a part of the tola and also assists in the lighting of the village.

Why was Godhan so adamant about not coming?

Godhan, a member of the village’s Mahato Tola, is expelled from the community after refusing to pay any portion of his inheritance to the community and being unjustly accused by Munri’s mother of performing unsuitable Hindi songs for Munri.

Is there a difference between a Panchlight and a lantern?

Each caste had its own meeting area, complete with cotton mats to throw on the floor and a Petromax lamp known as a “panchlight” by the peasants. They might call a simple oil and wick lamp an electric bulb in their own houses, while someone else’s panchlight was merely a lantern!

Why was Godhan excommunicated?
Because he took bravery in his hands to proclaim his love for the pretty Munri , a girl in the tola, Godhan  is driven out and ostracized by the rural society.

In the end, who lit the Panchlight?
Gulri Kaki replied she’d go see what she could do to pacify him. She went to Godhan and encouraged him to come. He entered and lit the panchlight.

What kind of rural environment do we get In the Punch Light story ?

The writer presents an ordinary society of rural India in the story panch light .we find the behavior of simple Indian citizens in Punch Line. They were very straightforward and their attitude towards things was very funny. We know-how was the rural environment. We get information about society”s class, caste, rituals etc.

How did the punch line become a blessing to Godan?

In Panchlait Godan is a man from another society. Munni’s mother first complained to the society’s panchayat for singing filmi Hindi for her daughter Munri . for this reason, he was fined Rs 10 in the trial. But he could not pay Rs 10 and was barred from entering the village. Later, his fate changed over time. When no one in Mahuttuli was aware of the punch light and the people of the neighbor village were mocking at Mahato Tola, the members of Mahato Tola requested Godan. At first, he denied, later Murni’S smother request to promote Godan to light panchlight

The Excitement of the people of Mahuttuli after the punch line came

writer beautifully describes the excitement of the people When the Panchlait was brought .all the work was done to see it. The group of village singers was very eager to give a performance for Pansline. All the people were discussing only Panchlait. The village headman asked his wife to attend the searchlight worship after dinner ., it was clear that the villagers were excited enough with Panchlait

What was the reaction of the people of the village when they failed to turn panchlight on ?

It was time to turn on Panchlait but no one was able to turn on Panchlait. No one wanted to call anyone from neighbor toli as It will be fun. At this time, an atmosphere of sadness covered everyone. The chiefs who were proud of themselves remained silent. They were afraid of losing respect. Then, Kanelli said Godan can run the Panchlait. After a long delay, the chief ordered to call Goan to light Panchlait s and Goan came and saved the honor of the people in Mahadevpur.

Describe the reaction of the troupe of musicians after bringing the panchlight ?

On that particular evening, the musicians were very excited. The head of the troupe told his members that they should give their best performance. He said that today they will perform first in panchlight . The other members of the music group sat in front of the panchlight with their instruments

How did Godan light PANCHLIGHT ?

Godan filled the panchlight with oil and then he wanted some sprit but no one of the Mahabali community thought of it . then he asked for some coconut oi. Murni went to bring coconut oil then I started to pump the panchlight. gradually the silken of the panchlight began to glow and the whole community was lit up


“Don’t take me for an ignorant rustic!I have seen lots of  panchlight”
Who said this to whom?
When did the speaker say so?
what happened when the speaker said so?
Ans: The chief of Mahto Toli Said to the shopkeeper of panchlight.
When the chief of Mahto Toli went to buy panchlight, the shopkeeper underestimated him and asked five cowries and five rupees. The price is too high for the pachlight.But the chief was an experienced person as he had seen lots of panchlight.So he thought that the shopkeeper was cheating him and said the quoted line.
Hearing the words of the chief the shopkeeper frawned and said that as the chief of a toli himself had come to buy the panchlight, he (shopkeeper) would carge only five rupees.


what did Gulri kaki say to Godan after lightning panchlight?
Gulri kaki invited Godan for dinner when Godan had lit the panch light.

What was reaction of the chief when Godan successfully lit the

Ans : When Godan successfully lit the panchlight and saved the honoir of the villegers, the chief made Godan sit by his side and forgave all his past sins. He also asked Godan to sing a song as his wish.

When did the villegers suspect the intelligence of the chief and the secretary ?

When Godan asked some spirit to light the panchlight and told how he could light the panchlight without spirit,the villegers thought the chief and the secretary had no idea about the spirit and began to suspect their intelligence.

Why were the people of other community not called for help?
Ans:The people from the neighbourhood community were not called for help because they would insult and mock the people of Mahto Toli for the rest of their lives.

Why did Gulri kaki propose that she would go herself to bring Godan?
Ans: Gulri kaki made the suggestion of bringing back Godan, because Godan was banished due to her complaint that he had sung filmy song, looking at her daughter. So she thought to secure honour of the community, her requisition would be more effective to Godan than any one else, because she herself was responsible for his banishment.

Narrate the role of women in the story.

Ans; The women played a significant role in the story. If we go through the story, we find it was Munri who gave suggestion of calling Godan to kight the panchlight. It was Kaneli who who suggested the panchayat to bring Godan. When toli’s orderly failed to persuade Godan to come and to light the panchlight,, it was Gulri Kaki who who was able to bring Godan and to light the panchlight.


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