letter writing to a friend telling importance of reading newspaper

write a letter to your friend informing importance  of reading  newspapers

write a letter to your friend informing the importance of reading newspapers
importance of reading newspaper

write a letter to your friend advising you to read the newspaper


write  a letter to your friend telling the importance of reading   the newspaper 

Dear Raja                                                                                                                                     11May, 2021


Accept my cordial love.I’m delighted to hear you’re all doing well.I hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits .but,iam sorry that I’ve already heard from one of our mutual friends that you don’t read newspapers. You are a 13-year-old student. You are aware that we live in a technological and scientific age, but if we remain unaware of events in our own country and throughout the world, we will be found unfit for the world.


I’m writing to express a few of my thoughts on the importance of reading newspapers on a daily basis.I started doing this habit (days/months) ago, and I’m really happy with the outcomes. It is pretty impressive that I’ve also improved my grammar and vocabulary. These are only the most fundamental advantages. Aside from that Reading the newspaper is a fantastic habit p because it can bring a lot of educational value.You will have a clear notion and comprehension of what is going on in your country and throughout the world if you read newspapers.

You can learn about new scientific inventions, economic development, and the political status of our country by reading the newspaper. You can’t deal with others until you have this kind of knowledge. Culture, literature, politics, sports, trade and commerce, and other articles and features will broaden your horizons, remove mental narrowness, and improve your thought.Reading newspapers will boost your general knowledge and make it easier for you to relate to others who frequently discuss current events and politics.

Simply implement this behavior then let me know how your lifestyle has changed. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Convey my respect to the elders and love to the younger. Stay safe.

Your loving friend,




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